Farm Names T-Z
T & C Ranch - Eunice Carlson
T&L Braying Hill Farms - Melanie Collins
T&T Acres Miniature Donkeys - Tom & Teri Steckbeck
T'is Our Acres Miniatures - Jack &  Carol Montague
T-Bone Ranch - Steve & Hope Friese
T.L.C. Miniature Donkeys - Barbara Kimbrough
T2F Longears - William & Barbara Kirkpatrick
Talking Tree farm -  Murl a. Creel
Tall oaks -  Cathy Claucherty
Tall Timbers Farm - Albert & Brenda Withrow
Tamarosa Paints and Minis - Kathleen Young
Tammy Jo Llamas and "Lil" Asses - Pam Emery & Dennis Mason
Tanand Farms - Autry May
Tara Hill Farm = Harry C. Cook
Taylor Made Minis & Mules - Jack & Catherine Taylor
TDC Ranch (The Donkey Connection) - Bob & Judy Corey
Teats & Ass Acres - Elizabeth & Harry Hart
Ten Mile Critters - Eunice M. Sandling
Tennessee Tiny Tots - Phillip & Barbara Hord
Tex*Ass Miniatures - Larry & Billie Gardner
Texas Mammoth Jack Ranch - Philip J. Hines
Texas Star Ranch - Scott & Carol Stine
TexAss Longears Ranch - Grafe, Jim & Susan
Texus Longears Ranch - Texus & Barbara Scofield
The 'Bray'n Pool - Lester & Linda Sutherland
The Akin Ass Ranch - Charels, Akin & Family
The Back Side Ranch - Kuhlman and Lona Miller
The Best Donkey Patch - Joan C. Best
The Burro's Corp. - Virginia Klingener
The Candy Barn Don & Beth Schleichert
The Cathyrosa Ranch Henry & Cathy Baldwin
The Diamondless Ranch Fritz & Rebecca Snyder
The Dickey Dixon's Dinky Donkey Dude Ranch Richard & Joyce Dixon
The Diers' Ass-tate Kenneth Diers and Linda Burke
The Different Drummer Farm Cherigene Slaughter
The Donkey Company William & Karen Boyle
The Donkey Cross Farm Debra J. Smith, Ethan Lee Allen, & Cody Allen
The Donkey Den Jack & Cecila Willett
The Donkey Patch Bob & Carol Sanders
The Donkey's Friend Farm DonZimmerman
The Double D Donkey Co. Wayne, Dot, Deanna Doublas
The Elms Farm Dowell & Martha Howard
The Fanny Farm Judy Ingle
The Funny Farm Joe & Marilyn Hulse
The Haven Leslie Jo Mills & Mollie S. Pauley
The Jack Patch Curtis Cothran
The Lit'lest Donkey Ranch Virginia Bowen
The Little Donkey Farm Terry & Marlene Bennett
The Little Friends' Ranch Nadia Attia-O'Bryan
The Littlest Donkey, Donkey Ranch Rosalinda Falcon-Ybanez
The Long W Charles H. Wagoner
The Manheim Moon Ranch Roger&Victoria Berry, Brett&Tammy McCleney
The Monastery Pete Lopez & Tom Tarver
The Mule Patch Douglas & Margie Watkins
The Muledome Flint/Jacobson
The Mustard Seed Mark & Kay Halla
The O-Z Niche Greg & Tina Ozanich
The Old Elm Farm - Cheryl L Krueger
The Olde Iron Horse - Trudy & Allan Pijut
The Old Time Farm Dick & Pat Feldmann
The Original Funny Farm - Mogensen, Kevin & Joni
The Outback - Ron & Linda Nabors
The Plain W - Ken Woodworth
The Red Gate - Scott & Theresa Ellinger
The RJM Longshot -R.J. & Jean Matty
the Rockin' Double B - Herschel & Renee Breene
The Satyr's Crossin' Herd - Crossan Hays Curry
The Sicilian Connection - Steve & June Huffman
The Silver Eagle Donkey Ranc- - Frances & Kyle Dossman
The Smart Ass Ranch of Wyoming - Dan & Sheree Smart
The Spotted Ass Hacienda - David & Nancy Cram
The Toy Box - Coreen & Dennis Geurts
The Wildside - Bradley & Lisa Gardner
Thekbusch Farm - Gert & Maria Kronenberg
Thermal Valley Ranch - Ray & Gloria Unruh
Thistleberry - Joseph & Katheryn Silverthorn
Thom-Ass Acres - Jerry & Betty Thomas
Thompson's Circle T Ranch -Clark & Vicki Thompson
Thompson's Field of Dreams - Mike & Carol Thompson
Thorn Hill Farm - Kathy Ramey & Lee Tucker
Three Bevy Ranch - Jim & Heidi Armer
Three Ravens - Jeanie Henson
Three Sisters Farm - M/M Gerald Martin
Thunder Mountain Ranch - Bob & Teresa Fellhauer
Thunderbolt Acres - Linda Baker & Erica Besana
Thunderbolt Jack Station - Louis & Ann Greer & Noni Rankine
Tie-To Ranch - Carl, Jane & Susan Hatch
Timber Jack Ranch - Jim & Marilyn Stromberg
Timber Trails Ranch - Steve & Jodi Allen
Timberlane Mules - Bob & Ann Miller
Timberlane Ranch - Victoria Klasch
Timberline Meadow Resort -
Tinsel Tots Station - Louis, Martha & Vicki Relle
Tiny Hiney Farm - Luther & Amy Thorn
Tiny Mite Village - Earl, Susan, Jesse & Ethan Stanley
Tiny Tails Miniature Donkey Farm - Paula & Tyler Canfield
Tiny Tots Ranch - Kristi McClain
Tiny Tracks Ranch - Helen M. Morgan
TinyHooves - Laura J. & James K. Clark
TNT Mules - A.T. & Barbara Nees Tomerlin
TnT Mule Farm & MIni Donkeys - Tony, Theresa & Tiffany Reeves
Tooth Acres Farm - Rusty & Amy Estelle
Top Hat Asstate - John or Leslie Buell
Top of the Hill Ranch - Tim & Sue Grayson
Top Texas - Wes & Becky Stalcup
Touch of Ass Mules - Lynn & Steve Faykus & Ed Williams
Trail's End Farm - Richard & Lynn Biribauer
Trails End Longears - Michele Murphy
Treasure Hunt Farm - Jeff & Sarah Williams
Trendsetter Farm - Jan McDougal
Tri-Acres Miniature Donkeys - Lay & Victoria Arredondo
Tri-angle Mule Farm - Jan G. & Diana Angle
Triple 3 Ranch - Susan Montaner & Joe Barr
Triple D Ranch - Frank & Peggy Dodd
Triple R Miniatures - Robert & Tammy Rhoades
Triple S Ranch - Charles & Katheryn Schell
Triple Tree Donkeys - Buffum, Lynn E.
TriStar - Vicki Knotts Abbott
Trotting Brook - Margaret L. Manzer
Trying Acres - D. Scott Slonaker Jr. & Gail A Slonaker
TTW Thistledown Acres Tim & Tara Walworth
TTW West Winds Tim & Tara Walworth
Tualatin Valley Assettes John Schubert & Marsha Starch
Tucalota Longears Company Trish & Terry Geer
Tudor Rose Farm - Graham & Deidre Rendell
Tugawar Ranch Bill & Dorothy Cuelll
Tulip Hill Mike & Carole Pivarnik
Tupper Hill Farms Alice W. Matson
Turkey Mountain Farm Edwin & Sally Cromer
Turning Point Donkey Rescue Sharon Windsor
Turnpike Creek Farm Bobby & Barbara G. Robertson
Tuttle Top Farm Christine Alcock
Twin Creek Dale & Debra Scruggs
Twin Lakes Donkeys Fleshman, Tina & Steve
Twin Springs Farm bill & Sandy Truckner
Twisted Acres Bill & Lori Adsitt
Twisted Pine Ranch - Kathy & Jason Robinson
Two Donks and a Deere - Angie, Gary, and Ashley Proper
Two Mules Farm =-Greg, Debbie, Justine & Jordan Christman
Two-Bit Acres - Morris & Kathy Helmig
U-Bet Farm Miniature Donkeys - Jean & Greg Rapson
U-Misty-U Miniature Donkey Farm - Leona & Herb Robinson
Up To Our Asses Donkey & Mule Farm - John, Pam & Axton Betz
Ury Farms - Scott  & Carolyn Ury
Uselass Farm - Joe & Sheri Boswell
Ute Creek Mules - Docheff, Justin

Valley Rose "Lil" Miniature Donkeys - Margie, Scott & Brittany Rosenthal
Valley View Farms - Mark, Rima, Talli, Bradley & Maci Powers
Vanoy's Lazy Acres Farm - Glen & Frieda Vanoy
Vaquera Ranch - Phyllis Miller
Vida Nueva Ranch - Jay & Suzanne Faske
Vida Suena Farm, LLD - Lynnae & Beth Clappison
Vining's Little Asses - Paula & Jack Vining
Virgin Valley Mule Company  - Bill & Karen Esmon
Vista Ridge Farm Longears - Linda Edwards
VL7 Mule Ranch - Bill & Sharon Millard and Tom & Donns Smidt
W-4 Miniature Donkey Ranch - C. Paul & Linda E. Williams
W-plus  - Paul Peoples
W.T.B. Farms  - Robert Willson
Waddle's Hee Haw Acres -  Mike Waddle
Wagen Trails  - Gary Wagenaar
Walczak's Many Minis  - Belinda & Joe Balczak
Walk About 5 Plus -  Joanne & Dick Schroeder
Walk-a-Bout Acres  - Glenwood & Diane Jennings
Walkabout  - Melinda Larson
Walker's Flolen Acres  - Floyd & Helen Walker
Walking Cane Mules  - -John J. Van Valin
Walkin' Small's Miniatures - Randy & Kim Brown
Walnut Dale Stock Farm  - Robert & Linda Snodgrass
Walnut Grove Farm -  David & Lawana Tarter
Wannabe Farm  - Denny & Nancy House
Ward's Hee Haw Haven -  David & Kelley Ward
Ward's Pleasanthill Farm  - Ward, Frankie
Wasawillow Farm  - -Patricia K Johnston & Valeria Jane Dixon
Watson's Long Ears Acres  - B.R. & Dee Watson
WD Farms -  Darleen Wheelington & Farla Stivers
We Got Spots Farm -  Beth Barr
We're All Ears Farm  - Wayne & Angie Sumrall
WeBe Wee Farms  - Carrie Heasley
Wee Ceder Acers  - Kevin Cederquist (resv.)
Wee Farm II  - -John & Vicky Geny
Wee Hoofs Miniature Donkeys -  Don & Marjorie Clark
Wee Ones  - LJ & Deb Mix
Wee Ones Farm  - -L.J. & Deb Mix
Welborn's Double Diamond Ranch -  Roy & Patsy Welborn
Wesley Creek Stock Farm  - George H. France
West Ridge Acres  - Richard Gattis
Western Heritage Burros and Mules  - Mona L. Malone
Wharf Meadow Center -  P. Scott
whatwewanted Farmstead  - Duane & Joyce Smith
Wheeler County Mules  - Dave & Carol Johnson
When Lil' Donkeys Fly Ranch -  Bill & Pam Beaver
Whimsy Park Farm -  Sherri & Larry Lawson
Whip-O-Will Miniature Burros and Donkeys -  Kenn Miller/James Newell
Whipsering Willow Farms  - Jim & Teresa Rust
Whispering Ass Ranch  - Carol & Judge Christian
Whispering Pine Farm  - Jim & Pat Warner
Whispering Thunder Ranch  - Robin Kusiak
Whispering Willow Acres  - Carter & Candace Krueger
Whispers of the Rose Farm -  Rachel  & David Carroll-Goulding
Whistle Stop Ranch Kay & Perry Parmer
White Day Burros Jane Nicoli
White Gate Willow Farm Tommy Story
White Oak Farm Arthur Bostick
White Oaks Miniatures Anthony L. Parcell
White Ridge Paso Mule Farm Walter & Ardath White
White Squirrel Ranch Toni Wescott
White Star Farm Stella A. Briggs
Whitefeather Farms Tym & Shea Petron
White's Half As-IS - Naima White
Whitlock's Mini Donks Joyce Whitlock
Whitworth Farms Lonnie & Sarah Whitworth
Whoamule Farm Jerry Lubinski
Why Not Farm Harold & Lise Wysock
Wigun Sunq Farm Susan & Robert Meehan, Jr.
Wild Bill's Donkey Farm Burleigh V. Ordway (Bill)
Wild Hope Farm - Michelle & John Harris
Wild Irish Acres - Tara M Lons
Wild Rose Farm Danny & Debra Jackston
Wild thangs Steve Lynch & Carol King
Wild Thing Acres  Cady Ness-Smith
Wild West Miniature Donkeys Phil & Pat McKnight
Wild West Nanodonkeys Kathryn & Mark Hayes
Wild-Ass Ranch Jerry & Molly Schmeltzer
Wildacres Farm Mrs. William R. (Evelyn) Hunter
Wilde Wind Farm Pati & John O'Toole
Wildflower Acres Mini Donkey Ranch Brad, Ann, Megan, & Kayla Pharr
Wildflower Farm Ray & Suzanne Downs
Windflower Mini Burros Paige Seidenberger
Wildhollow Farm Judith Pratt
Williams' Cute Lil' Asses Leslie & Lorraine Williams
Willow Back Acres Rob & Marlene Davy
Willow Moore Miniatures M Borden Loving
Willow Pond Farm Carol Matthew
Willow Ridge Miniatures - Lois Gandy
Willow Springs Farm Walter & Sherry Brock
WilloWay Jennifer & Tony Hart
Willowsun Ranch Sunny Kudo
Wind Creek Elizabeth Renner
Wind Ridge Ranch Jerry & Su Nelson Schlecht
Wind-Borne Timothy & Diane Ledvina
WindDance Farm Theresa Bohannon & Jerry Bohannon
Windfall Bruse S. Carr
Windfall Farm Kelly Bushey
Winding Creek Farm James & Judith Keat
Windmill Acres Gordon & Jean Poest
Windmule Acres Leonard & Linda Early
Windswept Farm Nancy & Barry Brubaker
Windy Hill Judge Stephen Chandler
Windy Knob Farm
Windy Knoll Acres Diane Cushwa
Windy Knolls Appaloosa Mules Lucile Knowlen
Windy Oak Timmy R. Ganske
Windy Ridge Farm Sybil Sewell
Windy Springs Farm Randy & Anna Mae Watkins
Windy Willows Dennis & Kathy Waychus
Winged Foot Farm Meredith Krause & John Jarvis
Wings Of A Dog Farm Rachel & David Carroll-Goulding
Winsome Farms Caroline Gardner
Winters' Crossing Becky Winters
Winterwind Miniature Donkeys Sandy Danielson
Wise Ass Farm Tiffany Walters & Penny Greger
Wise Ass Miniature Donkey Farm Dana & Gary Wise
Wiseacres Farm Charlene Lofgren & Brenda Start
Wishing Star Farms (WSF) The Posey Family/Leah Patton/Patton Family
Wispering Winds Miniatures Mike & Debbie Ludlum
Wistful Vista Farm Paul & Mary Lou Shoemaker
Wit's End Sandy & Bob Dorris
Witch Ass Brae Bonnie R. Fewtrell & Susan J. Iona
Wolf Mountain Mules Rick & Brenda Hudson
WolfHeart Miniature Donkey Ranch Joyce BergHansen & Bobby McLellan
Wood's Edge Bill & Martha Mundy
Woodbine's Donkeyshane M. Bonny Brown
Wooden Horse Farm Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Sylvia Herbstritt
woodgrove Farm James & Georgeann Swart
Woodynook Becky Linton
Woodzie Acres Judi & Carl Hallbeck
Wooleylot Farm - Monica & Alvie Fourness
Worthewait Farm Billy & Lee Myers
Wortman's Whispering Wood's Christa Wortman
WR Ranch Wayne & Linda Ready
Wrangler Mountain Ranch Terry & Joanne Guriel
Wrenwood Farms, LP Kelly & Rene' Riddle
WVB Bolton's Little Feet Ranch William a. Jr. & Vickie Bolton
ww Miniatures Donald & Darlene Wilson
Wxicof Donkeys Don & Coreen Eaton
Wyldewood Forest Mini  Ranch & Bed & Breakfast Terry & Mary Leavelle

Xanadu Llane Patricia & Donald Swihart

Y Bar Ranch Tommy Yeargain/Judy Nelson
Yawgoo Valley Farm Hayward & Becky Anderson
Young Ass Acres Patti & Jeff Young
YP Branch Farm & Kennel Becky & Mark Partin

Z Lazy*Day Ranch Daniel & Amanda Zuchinski
Zig Zag Minis Gala J. Ivie
ZZ Wee Willie Farms Bev Zerbe & Annette Gadberry
Farm Names A-E
Farm Names F-J
Farm Names K-O
Farm Names P-S
Farm Names T-Z
Addendum - End of 2006 Names