Miniature Donkeys - Breeders
Mules (MT)  (mule & Mammoth)

Diamond Creek Ranch (MT)

Knute's Custom Mules (MT)

Lavender Hills Farms

Lucky Three Ranch (CO)

Malchar's Mammoth Mules (Canada)

Stephens Ranch (TX)
All Creatures Small Farm  (TX)

Annie's Acres (CO )

Ass-Pirin Acres (VT)

Austin's Miniature Longears (CA)

Barnhart Q5 Yellow Rose (TX)

Best Friends Farm Miniature Donkeys (FL)

Bits & Pieces (IN)

Brasstown Brayers (NC)

Braying Hills (MO)

Boelen's Dinky Donkey Acres (IL)

Buffalo Hill Exotics (NY)

Butternut Ridge Farm/Therapets (NY)

C&L's Mini Donkey Farm (MO)

Cajun Heritage Acres (NY)

Carousel Gardens (CA)

CeleBRAYtion Acres (TX)

Circle H Ranch (TX)

Copperas Creek Farm Miniatures (IL)

Country Music Miniature Donkeys (TX)

Crippled R Asses (CA)

Crown Meadow Farm  (OR)

Cyder Bay Farm (WI)

Daddy's Darlin Donkeys (TX)

Dancin' Donkey Acres (MO)

Derbytown Farm (KY)

Dogwood Hills Donkeys (KY)

Double N Ranch (TX)


Flight Of Fancy (NH)

French's Farm (TX)

Full Moon Farm (KY)

Garrett's Farm Miniatures (KY) email only

Half Ass Acres Miniature Donkeys (TN)

Half Pint Hill (Canada)

Harlequin Farms (NC)

Hickory Hill Donkey Farm (TX)

Hidden Acres Farm (MA)

Highland Ranch (Canada)

Hickory Hills Donkey Farm (TX)

Hill Country Miniatures (TX)

Horseshoe Ranch (MO)

Itsy Bitsy Burro Co (TX)

JC Cross Ranch (GA)

JCP Ranch (TX)

JF Miniature Donkeys (WA)

K&K Ranch (TX)

Lash's Unique Animals (MI)

Lazy Ass Acres

Liberty Acres (OH)

Lil Angels Miniature Donkey Farm (TX)

Lil' Half Pints (TX)

Lil' Bit O' Texas (TX)

Lil Longears Ranch (TX)

Lil Foot Mini Ranch (TX)

Lil Graceland Miniature Donkey Farm (TX)

Little Acorns Farm (TX)

Little Behinds Ranch (TX)

Little Creekside Farm (WA)

Little Friends Ranch (KY)

Little Hutch's Dixieland Donkeys (AL)

Little Jackson Ranch (OK)

Low-Down Donkey Outfit (TX)

Ma & Pa Acres (NE)

MacFord Ranch (TX)

Magnolia Farm (AL)

Maxwell's Silver Hammer Farm  (TX)

McMillan's Miniatures (TX)

McRoberts Game Farm (NE)

Merry-Go-Rounds Minis (MI)

Miniature Adventures Farm (CO)

Mini Pickens (OR)

Misty Miniature Donkey Farm (Canada)

MJB Miniature Donkeys (CO)

Mountain Creek Ranch (TX)

My World Farm (OH)

New South Swales Farm (email)

Nissen's Lazy N Ranch (IA)

North Gate Farm (TX)

Olde Towne Farm (VA)

Pine Valley Farms (CO)

Ponderosa Donkey Farm (IA)

Poplargrove Donkey Stud (Australia)

Pucci's Small Asspirations Miniature Donkeys

Quarter Moon Ranch (TX)

Ravenwood Harness & Farm (IN)

Reiner's Roost Miniature Donkeys (GA)

Relax Your Ass Ranch (TN)

Rue Royal Ranch (TX)

Sabino Shadow Ranch

Satroma Ranch (TX)

Shooting Stars Fam, (TX)

Shorecrest Farms (PA)

Short Assets Ranch (TX)

Short and Sweet Donkey Ranch (TX)

Sinking Creek Farm (VA)

Small Pleasures Farm (TX)

Starfox Farm (NY)

Stoney Acres Ranch (Canada)

Straight Arrows Ranch (TX)

Summer Hill Farm (WA)

Summer Shade Farm (OH)

Sunny G Acres  (IA)

Sunset Acres (NE)

Sweet Assets Farm (KY)

TexAss Longears Ranch (TX)

Texas Sunset Farm (TX)

The Elms Farm (OH)

The Little Friends Ranch  (KY)

The Red Gate (OH)

Thornhill Farm Donkeys (MO)

Tollen Farm (OR)

U-Misty-U Miniature Donkey Farm (Canada)

Wannabe Ranch (OR)

Wee Ones Farm (TN)

West Prairie Farm (IL)

White Diamond Ranch

Wild West Miniature Donkeys (CA)

Windcrest Acres (OH)

Ennis Miniature Horse Stud - Mini Donks (Ireland)
Animal Record Keeper

Animal Mall

Anne George Saddlery

Crossroads Donkey Rescue (MI)

DD Equine (Saddles)

Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Jack ASS "Beer" (B.A.D.D.)

Longhopes Donkey Shelter

Mules and More Magazine



Broomtail (Australia)

Quality Llama Products

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue (CA, TX, VA)

Save Your Ass Rescue (New England)

Sundowner Trailers

harps Saddlery

The Donkey Sanctuary, Devon UK

The Mule Store

Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue (MI)

Videos Training Tapes for Longears

Werner's Wagons

WXICOF Gifts and More
Links to other Sites of Interest

FABBA (the ADMS/FABBA Poitou Site)
(Poitou info will be added to this page soon) 
Standard Donkeys & Mammoths

AnFarra Mammoths, ONT Canada

Beanie Burrito Farms

Becker's Burros, Donkey CreekFarm (TX)

Birkenholz Jackstock (MO)

Blue Mountain Donkey Farm (OR)

Box C Bar (TX)

Brown Shop Road (TN)

Carousel Farms Mammoth Jackstock (WA)

Coffee Hollow Mammoth Jackstud (TX)

D Bar J Farm, (MT)

Diamond B Ranch Spotted Asses (TX)

Diamond Creek Ranch

Donkeys by DeRose (PA)

Genesis Farms (OH) mammoth & mules


HuMMMingbird Hills Farm (GA)

Hunter Mountain Farm (VA)

Knute's Kustom Mule Co. (MT)

Lazy L Ranch (TX)

Mas Ass Acres (WA)

Mini Pickens (OR)

Precious Stone Ranch (ID)
The breeders appearing on these links either advertise in the BRAYER magazine or have asked to be included here. This is a free service, and ADMS is not responsible for any errors or mis-information.  For a more complete listing of breeders of longears in your state, please see the bottom of this page
Breeders!  Please be patient as I work my way through the BRAYER to establish links to your sites.  If a link does not work, or has changed, or if you do not wish to have a link here, please contact me by e-mail, but BE SURE to send me your name, farm name, mailing address, link, and the ADDRESS OF THIS SITE!  I maintain 10 sites, and if you don't tell me which one to fix, I can't fix it!!!
       I also
cannot do updates on this during BRAYER deadline, but I will get to them ASAP!
Registries, and Other organizations can be found
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CLUBS page.
If you do not have a website, but e-mail only and would like to have it listed here, please let me know.   Leah
The ADMS keeps a BREEDERS REFERRAL DATABASE at the office.  If you are interested in a more complete listing of breeders for your state, please send us the following information:

Your name and full postal mailing address (we prefer to send these by mail and not over e-mail.)
The type of animal(s) you are interested in (Miniature, Standard, Lg. Standard, Mammoth, Mules, Gaited, Zebra Hybrid, spotted, other). 

We will send a list of breeders in your state to you by mail- we do not break down by region.  If there are not many breeders in your state, we will automatically try and send you surrounding states as well.  We request that you send 50 cents per state with your next mail-in correspondence to ADMS to help reimburse mailing costs.  Thanks!

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