NMDA is kind enough to forward emails about registration questions to ADMS, but we are separate organizations, and there is confusion as to who does what.

ADMS is the National (but also International) Longears Registry and All-Breed/Type Organization.  We have five registry books, register all types and sizes of longears (including Miniature Donkeys, Standard & Large Standard Donkeys, Mammoths, Mules & hinnies, and Zebras & Hybrids).

NMDA is the Miniature Donkey Breed Association.  They have general information about Miniatures, admister the NMDA Show Circuit, keep track of some DNA records, and put out the ASSet magazine, but they do not run the registry. 

If you have general questions about Miniature Donkeys, approach either or both organizations.

If you have registry, update, pedigree, transfer or other Stud-book type questions, please refer to ADMS.

If you have questions about specific shows or showing information, please refer to NMDA, who has a rulebook and show lists.

There is some crossover in what we can and do handle, but two aspects are very specific (Showing and the registry) and we must refer any emails back to the other if we are asked.  Please help us keep our own busy offices running smoothly by making sure your requests go to the right organization!

NMDA - Rome NY
Showing Information and Questions
Asset Magazine
Advertising in ASSET, general Info.

ADMS - Lewisville TX (no longer in Denton TX)
Registration/Transfer/Update/Pedigree questions.  The BRAYER magazine.  General Information, Advertising in the BRAYER.

Thank you!

Leah Patton, office manager, ADMS