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Established 1967 - celebrating 53 years in 2020
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Largest and Oldest Registries for all types  of Long-Eared Equines:
The Miniature Donkey Registry (est 1958) - Over 50 years and 60000 registered donkeys.
The American Donkey Registry (est 1967)
The American Mule Registry (est 1967)
The American Mule Racing Registry
The Zebra Hybrid/Bloodstock Registry (est 1997)

Comprehensive Membership (Click here for the membership form!)
Your membership to ADMS not only gets you a large basic-information packet, and membership handbook, but your subscription to the Brayer magazine and registration privileges as well.  One fee for everyone - $27.00/$37 for Canada & $50.00 Overseas. No hidden fees for member/non-member status or hobby versus pros.

Free registration Information
Single forms available, or request our Registration Booklet containing all the forms you'll need to register any long-ear.
Applications, transfer forms, breeders certificates, registry inspectors and more. Race mule forms available from the office. The forms are also posted here on our website for you to print and use as you need them. 

The BRAYER Magazine
Journal of the American Donkey and Mule Society - 80+ pages bi-monthly (6 issues per year) , packed with informative and entertaining articles, advertising, photos, art and more for ALL BREEDS and types of longears. 

Affiliated Clubs
Donkey and Mule Clubs and organization referrals all around the world.  Affiliates include , National Miniature Donkey Association, American Council of Spotted Asses  as well as local and regional clubs.  

Versatility Hall of Fame, Honor Roll, and Merit Of Breeding Awards
Recognizing the accomplishements of donkeys and mules in open shows and events, and the acheievments of offspring of outstanding sires and dams.

The Hee-Haw Book Service
Over 170 article reprints, numerous books and videos on donkey and mules, training books, stickers, and more. Our catalog is free - we request you send a 9 x 12 SASE (55 cents postage) if possible - or the whole catalog is now on it's own website at Own a donkey?  You don't have a copy of the Definitive Donkey?  Everything on the basics for your donkey from selecting a pet or breeding animal, care, feeding, foaling, training is covered.  Over 300 pages, illustrations and photos, just $25.00 ppd.  Just one of the many items offered through Hee-Haw.

The Shady Donkey Clipart Collections
The first ever all-longears clipart collections - 31 collections of specialty Longear, Equine and animal clipart.   Specialty formats for Miniatures, Jackstock and Mules, English and Western Performance, Holiday Longears  and more! $22.00 ea ppd, volume discounts available.  Sent for your free image flyer showing samples from each CD (diskettes still available on request)! (some images also on display at
the Hee Haw site.)

Breeder's  Listings
Free computer Referencing of Breeders of animals by state, animal breed or type.  Over 500 breeder referrals. (We have a few breeders listed here on this site, but our Breeders Referral Database is not available online, and we cannot accept paid advertising on this site.) Request breeders by type of animal, and your state.  Please be sure to send your complete mailing address along with your request as we mail this (even if you are a member, please try to include your address with your request, as it makes operations go faster through the mailout desk!  Thanks!!!)

ADMS Medical Research Fund
Member contributions support research at Equine Vet colleges such as Texas A&M to further studies of the specific workings of the donkey and mule and how they differ from horses.

Color Research
Our independent studies work with Breeders and Breeding records with Equine Geneticists to identify and standardize color genetics and terminology for long-ears. LAB tests now in development for donkey color!  Your donations greatly appreciated.

The ADMS Equine Library
Our private collection of equine literature includes books and magazines from all over the world on donkeys, mules, horses, zebras, and hybrids.  From Stud books to breed references to training volumes.  (By appointment only)

On-line and Personal Help
Our office staff is always ready to help you with any questions.  Consulting veterinarians, breeders, trainers, and judges available to work with you as well.  No question is unimportant.
E-mail us, or call (972) 219-0781. 

Sample copies of the BRAYER Magazine
We offer back-issues as sample copies for only $3.00. 

We accept  CREDIT CARDS!!!  MC/Visa/Disc/AmEx 

The American Donkey and Mule Society- for over 40 years you have gotten more from ADMS than from any other organization. Why not find out what you have been missing?


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American Donkey and Mule Society
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