What is a Prefix?

This is a commonly asked question.  We've tried to make it as simple to follow as possible, but still people ask, so we'll try and explain a little better.

A prefix is sometime called a herd Identifier.  This means that no matter what you name your donkeys, they will always have at least two parts to their name.

The first part is the prefix, the second part is their given name.  (Just as the majority of people have a given name and a last name, unless you are Madonna or Sting or Shakira, etc.

The prefix you choose will be the same for all animals you register from the first time to the last.

The given name is unique for each animal.

Our prefix is WSF.  In our case, that's the letters from Wishing Star Farms.  Wishing Star Farms is our registered farm name.  It's too long to be the prefix so we chose WSF.

(The prefix can only be 13 letters or less.  There is a 30-character limit on names, that includes the prefix, any periods, spaces, apostrophes, and letters). If your prefix is already 17 letters, then add in one more space before the given name, and you are left with 12 more letters/spaces to work with.  If you have a name with 31 letters, we will shorten it. 

All of our animals that we have bred or been the first person to register have WSF in front of their name.

Examples would be
WSF Bonnie Black Watch
WSF Silken Storm
WSF Jubilation T
WSF Princess Winnifred

We purchased animals that were in a partnership, they were registered with the partnership's prefix.  That was NTRS

The animals were
NTRS My Birthday Angel
NTRS Senator Jack
NTRS Devils Advocate

We own two other animals with different prefixes
Crystamarq Mario
Crystamarq Pferd Po

A prefix always goes IN FRONT of the name.  The ADMS does not use suffixes, which go behind the name.  ONLY if there is enough room in a name (using those 30 letters/space) can you put a suffix as part of the given name.

YES:    WSF Empress Molly Rose of CLDF
NO:  Empress Molly Rose of Clodfoot

YES:  TTB Bubba's Secret of Cedarshakes (the prefix for this is TTB, and the owners are reflecting their farm name of Cedarshakes)
YES:  Cedarshake's Bubba's Secret  (the prefix is Cedarshakes)
NO:  Bubba's Secret of Cedarshakes  (no prefix is used).

We hope this helps to clarify how prefixes are used.

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Thank you.