In Memoriam, Betsy Hutchins
Betsy Hutchins   Aug 4 1941 - July 2, 2012

It is with great sadness that the ADMS announces the loss of one of our co-founders, Elizabeth "Betsy"
Hutchins.  For over 45 years, Betsy devoted her life and her home to the promotion of longears around
the world. She and her family spent time not only in the daily operations of the ADMS (originally housed in their hundred-year old farmhouse in Denton) but raised, trained and showed donkeys and mules as well. All four of her children were brought up with the animals and can be found in pages of the older Mr Longears and Brayer magazines.

Betsy and husband Paul converted part of their home into the operations center for ADMS.  The BRAYER
magazine used to be hand-typed and copy pasted up on the dining room table.  Large built-in shelves
all around the house were filled with donkey and mule figurines of every type.  As the ADMS grew over
the years, it began to encompass the sun porch of the house, gaining more equipment and taking up more
time.  Betsy and Paul ran it solely for many years, with the occasional volunteer for help.  Betsy wrote many articles on donkey and mule care, much of it taken from her own experiences dealing with the longears living in their large acreage property. 

While Betsy always maintained she loved air conditioning, if animals needed care, she was outside taking care of them.  If a friend came by needing a place to unload a donkey for the night, she'd make sure the gates were closed, the water tubs full and the hay brought out.  She would stack hay if needed, hold heads or hooves for hoof trims, give medicines or baths to the animals, whatever was needed.  She truly loved all animals, whether longears, dogs, cats, or guinea pigs, which she raised for years as a hobby.

When Paul and Betsy retired some 12 years ago, her involvement in ADMS slowed, but never stopped.  She
still joined the staff (by then hired on to continue to run ADMS) at shows, sitting at the information table and talking to everyone with a smile.  She often handed out ribbons at shows, while husband Paul was judge or ring steward. Even though she had retired, she could still be counted on to answer questions that just couldn't be solved, except through experience.

She loved to travel the world, and went on cruises over the years, the latest just last month.  With a passion for gardening, she found lovely plants and had over 160 cuttings potted at last count. A friend recounts that she heard the news of Betsy's passing while watering cuttings from tea roses Betsy had cultivated. 

Betsy is survived by husband Paul, Children Scott and wife Tammy, Melissa "Missy" and S.O.David, Melinda
"Mindy" and husband Steven, Patrick and wife Katie, grandchildren Clayton and Audrey, and friends around
the world too numerous to count.

Long time friend Becky perhaps has put it best in her note to ADMS:  I know there is an ass or two in heaven
braying in happiness that Mom has come over the Rainbow Bridge to be with them. And no, that was not thunder. It was a stampede of critters running to meet their Mom. Godspeed, Betsy.
In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to ADMS (501 c3) or one of the donkey Rescues.  Thank you.