Books about Longears
Recommended for the new Donkey owner:
The Definitive Donkey, A Textbook on the Modern Ass by Betsy and Paul Hutchins.  Revised edition, expanded with updated and new information.  300+ pages on History, breeds, conformation, selecting broodstock, breeding, foaling, training, feed, care, showing and more.  The original "Donkey Bible".  Written for ALL SIZES of donkeys, with special sections for Minis and Mammoths. Black and white photos and illustrations.  The best beginner book around!  $20.00 plus postage (Priority mail $5.50). 

ALWAYS IN STOCK!  Don't bother with the .com booksellers and outrageous prices!- go straight to the source and buy it from the distibuter -
Hee Haw Book Service !
Other books in stock from the Hee Haw Book Service:

The Modern Mule by Paul and Betsy Hutchins
Miniature Donkey Notebook
The Professional Handbook of the Donkey, the Donkey Sanctuary/UK (Currently not available due to revision...)

Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal by Dr. Robert Miller
Training Mules and Donkeys,  a Logical Approach to Longears by Meredith Hodges
Breaking and Training the Driving Horse

The Mule by Harvey Riley (1867 edition)
The Mule Alternative by Mike Stamm
Donkeys for Development by Dr. Peta Jones                   
The Donkey Our Brother  by Padre Vierra 
Packing and Outfitting Manual
  (This is just a partial list of the titles in stock) 

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In addition,
Hee Haw Book Service has fun books, stickers, postcards, clipart, and gift items.

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