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The ONLINE Registration form is to be used for all ew registrations of donkeys or mules of all sizes. Please do NOT print the online form and mail it in! ***************************

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The Original All-Breed Longears Publication
Bi-Monthly (6 times per year)

72 pages per issue

TIME TO RENEW YOUR DUES FOR 2021!  All memberships run Jan-Dec.  If you have not already renewed, please do so now.  If you renew after Dec 15, you will still get your BRAYER but it will be delayed! Renew now for 2021, or join new for 2020!
                "THE BRAYER"
                Our Member's Magazine
                We are very proud of the magazine which you members receive as part of your membership. It is not available to the general public and is paid for from your dues. The BRAYER is edited by Leah, and the ADMS staff  and concentrates on education and  information. If you have any questions about it, contact us. We try to fill it as full as possible with useful, how-to, historical, and scientific articles on donkeys, mules, hinnies and zebra hybrids. We also make it a practice to give all regional clubs who ask for it, coverage, all shows and activities we can find out about are listed, and the BRAYER tries to serve as a place where everyone in the industry can come together and communicate. While a magazine that has to cover all breeds and types of our many and varied animals cannot concentrate on any one breed, we try to feature all breeds, types and activities, and publish mostly articles that benefit all breeds and types.
                Any time members wish to see more material of any type in the magazine they are encouraged to submit it themselves or if that is impossible, mention it to us so that we may ask for such  submissions.
                Submissions to the BRAYER are welcomed and we try to give members preference. Also we are unable to pay for such submissions, but will gladly give authors and artists free publicity by means of advertising or other means that may help them out.
                ADVERTISING information is on or around page 107 or 109 of each BRAYER magazine, or can be sent to you by the Society.      
Deadlines   each year are
December 1, (Jan/Feb  Issue)  (therefore Dec 1, 2021 for Jan 2021)
February 1 (Mar/Apr issue),
April 1 (May/June issue)
June 1 (July/Aug issue)
August 1 (Sept/Oct issue) 
October 1  (Nov/Dec  issue - this will be the Christmas issue).

BASICALLY  - The deadline is ONE MONTH or 30 days before the next issue is sent.

Please do not call 5 or 10 days after the deadline wishing to place a display ad - the magazine will already be at the printers.  Emergency corrections or additions to ads already placed that are received after the deadline may not be possible.  If they are, you will be charged the additional correction fee as charged to us by the printers.
                The magazine will be mailed to you approximately 25-30 days after these deadline dates. It is mailed bulk and may take as long as two weeks to get to you. Each time the magazine is mailed about  20 of them
Never Arrive at their destinations. If your magazine does not arrive within a reasonable time -- taking into consideration the information above -- PLEASE LET US KNOW SO THAT WE CAN SEND A REPLACEMENT.
                IF YOUR ADDRESS CHANGES and we mail the magazine to your old address it costs us $7.25 if they cannot find you and must return it to us. PLEASE INFORM US OF YOUR ADDRESS CHANGES IMMEDIATELY!!!!!
                Since we receive almost every magazine or newsletter that has to do with our animals from around the world, we are able to keep our readers up on the things that go on with donkeys and mules everywhere. We also provide you with news and reviews of the latest books which might be of interest, and the latest items such as tack, medicine etc. which may be of help.
Remember that the magazine is bi-monthly and your show and other news must be sent to us far enough ahead to get in the magazine that will be most useful. Allowing a while for the Post Office  to deliver it and for people to read it means that your show and dated material must be in the proper issue -- so check the deadlines against your show dates carefully!  Send them in as far in advance as you can!  Phone, fax or e-mail!  Usually that means the issue before you thought it should be in.
The volume of the particular issue you are looking at will be found on the spine of the book.
                IF YOU HAVE SUBMISSIONS THAT TAKE A LOT OF PREPARATION OR THAT ARE VERY LONG (such as long articles -- or advertising which we have to set up)
PLEASE GET IT IN AT LEAST 7 TO 10 DAYS BEFORE THE STATED DEADLINE. Sometimes we cannot fit late submissions into the time limit or into the already filled magazine.  THIS APPLIES ESPECIALLY TO FULL-PAGE ADS!  Ad space is first-come, first served!  You may ALWAYS call to reserve space ahead - we encourage this!!!! You are not obliged to take reserved space - but at least you have the space if you DO want it!!!!
                The BRAYER is always looking for material, but always has more for each issue that it can use, so if your submission does not appear when you expected it to, you will realize that there was an overabundance of material already present which had to go in that issue first for various reasons.
                All photos should be clear with good contrast and show the subject close up and well. Color or black and white are both fine. Polaroids can be used but may not show up well. We do reserve the right to return photos unused if we can't find a place for them, or if they are not clear enough. After the magazine is published we send back the photos that appeared in it unless you give us permission to keep them.
                Please note that if you request a sample copy of the Brayer, you will not receive the current year's issues. When you join anytime before October 1, you get all of the issues for that  year. If we send 2007 sample issues to those joining in 2007, you would get duplicates.
                We think that the BRAYER is the finest magazine of its type anywhere in the world and we hope you help us make it even  better!
Please note our magazine is strictly black and white, no color.

Covers - Waiting List in effect - when available, $200 per issue.
Full page - $175 Camera ready
Half Page - $85 camera ready
Quarter page - $45 camera ready
1/8 page - $15 camera ready.

Ad set-up and design available for small fee. (Size specs listed below)
Photos may be included in ads at no extra cost.
Please contact
LEAH for additional advertising information.

BE SURE TO RESERVE YOUR AD SPACE EARLY!  The BRAYER is limited to 40 pages of ad space.  Check deadline schedule!


All issues now contain both the Professional Directory and the Business Card Sections.  BCs are still $12 per insertion.  Prof Dir is $10 per listing, or $54 for 6 issues, paid in advance.

All advertising MUST be donkey/mule/longear related.  Other equine material may be included after review.  No non-equine material will be considered.

FAQ (frequently asked Questions/Trivia)
Includes info on FERTILE MULES, twins, speed of mules/donkeys, etc

Breeding Questions

About Jacks

VHOF (Versitility Hall of Fame)

Lingo (Terminology)

Diseases in Longears


What Can you Do w/Longears?

Clubs and Organizations

Books ( Our "Hee Haw Book Service")

Member Photos

Links (Breeders and Farms)

Measuring Equines

Tail-less Donkeys?

On Gelding (Castration)

Buyers Checklist (BEFORE you purchase!)

SPOTTING PIX (pinto-spotted donkeys)

Dear John Henry (advise from a Mule)


One tough Mule/Bad-ass Mule


FEES for ADMS Services

Microchipping Notice Sheet
(to inform ADMS of added chip #s for your animals)  New 6-6-08

Found a lost or strayed Longear with a Microchip?

Need literature?
Visit  Hee Haw Books


Measuring for Dwarfism in Donkeys

Registered Farm Names

Prefixes MAIN
(Farm names added 8-20/21-08)
Prefix/Name Rules (see Rules)
Each Issue is mailed the first week of the months (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov)  and should take anywhere from 5 -14 days to reach you.  If you have not gotten on in about 14 days, please call us to make sure we have your correct address and that you are current.  If we received your new membership or renewal AFTER the turn-in date of the  22nd (on alternate months) , your packet will be mailed as soon as possible, and will include the next volume in the packet. IE, if the deadline is August 1, and we do not get your renewal until after Aug 22, your issue will be mailed out after we have recieved the September issues here at the office.

January/Feb (volume 1) Issue mails first week of January (renew before Dec 15th!)
           Material/Ad deadline  DECEMBER 1
March/April  issue (vol2)  mails the first week of March 
            Material/Ad deadline -  FEBRUARY 1
May/June  Issue (vol3) Mails the first week of May
            Material/Ad deadline - April 1
The July/August  issue  (vol4)  Mails around July 2 or July 5
             Material/Ad deadline - June 1st
September/Oct issue (Vol 5) Mails  around Sept 4th,
              Material/Ad Deadline - August 1st
November/Dec  issue (vol 6) mails first week of November.
               Material/Ad Deadline - October 1

You may send in articles, ads or photos by snail mail (US postal mail), or email.  If sent by email, please use Word files, and send photos separately as jpgs rather than embedding them.  We must convert all pdf files to jpegs as well, so if you can send a jpeg instead of a pdf that works fine for us.  Please send ad/material files to us at
If you have not already sent in your renewal for 2012, please do so now!  $27 US, $37 for Canadian residents (US funds) or $50 for Overseas (US Funds)for 2011.  We accept checks, MO, Paypal, and V/MC.  Please provide a phone number with all Credit Card purchases.  Thanks!

ALL memberships run Jan-Dec.  If you join up to October, you get all back and current issue for the year, if after the beginning of Oct,you would  get the Volume 6 issue and then all of the issues for the upcoming year.
DUES FOR 2021 (New Rate)
can be
renewed at any time beginning NOW.

If you have not yet renewed, please do so asap - you WILL STILL GET VOLUME 1. We will mail bulk mails as soon as we have 200 renewals.
Cl-ASS-ified Ads appear in every issue.  A classified ad is 25 cents per word.  Your name/ address/ phone/email all count as only one word.  We bold words in the ads, but do not add borders or photos.

Professional Directory listings appear ALL SIX ISSUES IN 2020  The same deadlines as above apply.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY LISTING is to be limited to 35 words of description.  This DOES NOT include the contact info (your name, farm name, phone, fax, email, website.  We refer to the descriptive following the contact info.  Due to space limitations, you are limited to 35 words.  We try to be lenient with names, colors, hts, etc, but we do not charge extra for extra wording - we simply cannot accept extra wording.  If you send in a listing over 35 words, it will be pared down.  If we cannot pare it and still retain content, you will be asked to rewrite.  Sorry! 

We appreciate your cooperation.
Please send ads as jpgs or pdfs (we must convert all to jpgs for setup purposes.  Most word-format ads do not convert cleanly.  We need 300 dpi, black and white.  Please email to  with all correspondence. .

Full PAGE - 7" wide 9" deep.  NO BLEEDS
Half page - 7" wide, 4.5" deep. 
Quarter Page - 3.5" wide, 4.75" deep
Eighth page  - 3.5" wide, 2.25" deep.

Borders prefered on all ads.  Borders may be added at no charge.

CAMERA READY ads may be
emailed or mailed to ADMS.  Please allow delivery time if you must mail an ad.  
Professional Directory Listing:

If you wish to  pay ahead for a full year (6 issues)  the , the cost will be 54- we will give a discount for advance notice and payment.

(3 issues - $28, 2 issues, $18, 1 issue, $10)

How can you tell if your listing is about to expire?  At the end of each listing in a note about the LAST ISSUE YOUR LISTING will run in.     If is says Sept  2011 you are paid through the Sept/Oct issue.     If it says Jan Vol 1, 2020  it was in the Volume 1 BRAYER but will not be in Volume 2 and so on.