A very few left in stock:  BREYER MODEL HORSES!
We are working on this page to present photos and price list - please call or email if you have questions regarding any particular model.  Thank you!   NOTE - These are MODELS, not real animals. 
Postage-paid for shipment by USPS to the continental US.  Prices may vary for shipment to Canada, Hawaii, and overseas.  UPS pricing available. 
These models are on a 1:9 scale
These models are on a 1:12 scale
Paddock Pals
These models are on a 1:24 scale
These models are on a 1:32 scale
Other Animals
Models of non-equine critters in a variety of sizes
Everything Else
Plush, china, toys, games, miniatues, ornaments, etc...
WE HAVE VERY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - CLEARANCE PRICES - please email or call and ask for BJ to get info on any remaining BREYER Models.  We have only one or two mule models left. Most of our stock is more recent.  Please email directly with your want list, or call from 10-4 to speak directly to BJ.      1-26-10  Thanks!