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The Equine Buyer's Checklist
From the American Donkey and Mule Society

This checklist is directed at purchasing a Donkey, but is perfectly usable for those wishing to buy mules or horses as well.  We suggest you make photocopies of this list, and keep a file for each inquiry you make or each farm you visit.
This way you will have notes to refer back to when you are ready to make a purchase.    

*Type of Animal  ____________________________________________________________
Name of Farm (Seller)__________________________________________________________________



Date of visit/call ___________________________  Date of Follow up____________________

*Name of animal(s) we are interested in___________________________________________

*Age of animal(s) ___________________________Height if over 3______________________

Height verified by on-site measurement? _____________Equine Measuring stick used? ______________

Price/Range of animal(s) we are looking at. _________________________________________

Price/Range of other stock on farm_______________________________________________

Price differences for best quality stock as compared to medium or pet quality____________________

(Note - set a price range for yourself and stick to it.  Only negotiate over your set goal for the very top quality animals, and then only if you have done comparative pricing)

*Conformation of animal is suitable for my purpose?  (Pet, breeding, performance) __________________

Temperament and personality are suitable. ______________________

Notes: __________________________________________________________________

*Does animal meet description offered by seller?_____________________________________

Color ____________________ Bite of teeth even? __________________(1/4"over/underbite maximum)
DO NOT PURCHASE any animals with more than 1/4" over or underbite as breeding stock. 

Both testicles descended in male over 24 months_____________________________________

DO NOT PURCHASE any jack over 20 months old as breeding stock. that does not have one or both testicles present.  Take a moment to LOOK for yourself.

The animal is a gelding? ___________ Is sterile? _______________ Is proven? (ie, a proven animal has sired or given birth to offspring) _______________

Any guarantees on the animal were given?__________________________________________

Please remember that
mules are sterile animals and CANNOT REPRODUCE.  Do not accept the story of mules being able to breed!!! These cases are less than 1 in a million! Do not buy an ungelded mule!

If female and bred - has been tested in foal?____________Date?_______________________
How was she tested - Blood    Palpation    Ultrasound     Other.

Was female pasture bred? ___________ Exposed to more than one jack?______________

Be aware that if the female was exposed to more than one jack in a 30-day time frame, DNA will be required to register the foal.

Breeder will provide valid breeding certificate_____________________________________________

Parents of animal were on site? _________________  Notes (their height,color)____________________

Photos of parents were available if not on site? ___________ Notes______________________________

Parents are registered? _________________________________Which registry(s)__________________

Animal has a pedigree you can view and check for bloodlines and serious inbreeding? _______________

The animal was bred on this farm but parents are unknown. ____________ animal was purchased elsewhere by the seller and is of untraced parentage.__________

Purchased elsewhere but is registered stock (papers shown?)  Y   ______ N _____

Which registry(s) __________________

Animal is registered? Reg #____________  Which registry(s) __________________________
I was shown papers _____________ animal not registered _______

Breeder has filed Stud Report if owns the Jack ___________________________

Breeder will register animal and present papers before animal is purchased?_______________________

DO not pay an unreasonable additional fee to get the papers on an animal.  If an animal is sold as registered, the papers are part of the purchase.  Cost to register animals in ADMS is less than $20. Do not pay $200-300 (or more) to "get the papers".  This is an unethical practice.  DO work out with the seller who will send in papers if an animal is not yet registered.  DO remember time frame for mailing as well as processing of papers.

DO NOT PURCHASE animals that have serious conformational faults for breeding.
Do not purchase females bred under the age of 2 years old, or purchase from breeders who allow uncontrolled inbreeding to occur. 

*Seller has standard WRITTEN sales contract and bill of sale available___________________

Average age of weaned animals? ________________________ If I want an unweaned
animal, will they  keep on dam until 5-6 months of age?_______________________________

*Animal has been wormed and vaccinated?  _________ Record provided ?________________

*Animal is in good overall physical condition?   Eyes _______________ Ears______________________

Nostrils _____________________ Coat _____________________ Hooves________________________

Too thin ____________________ Too fat ___________________ Other__________________________

Animal is in good pasture? _________________ Pen? ________________ Stabled?_____________

Quality hay provided? ____________________ Feed? ________________ Type _______________

*Animal has current Coggins test (less than 12 months) ________________  Will health papers less than 30 days old and copy of Coggins be provided at time of purchase/delivery? ________________________

Can I arrange to have my own vet examine animal (s)_________________________________

Arrangements can be made to deliver animal? _______________I will pick up myself at an arranged date _________

*If saddle trained, I had opportunity to ride animal. ________

I was pleased/displeased with the overall condition of the farm itself._____________________

I was pleased/displeased with the overall condition of this and other animals on the farm. _____________

After evaluation, I am still interested/not interested in these animals.______________________

* * If purchasing an animal at auction, make absolutely certain that at least these minimum criteria are met.  There is always the possibility at auction to buy a real, honest bargain, or the possibility of taking home a worthless animal that could be danger to you and/or your stock.

Animal is the same I looked at before _____________Health still good?___________________
Hooves are trimmed? ________________________

I have neg. Coggins in hand _________Current Health papers____________registration papers _______
Health/worming/vaccination record _________________breeding certificate_______________

Bill of Sale and copies of sales contract in hand _____________Any Transfer forms ______________

Additional information about animal, good or bad?___________________________________

If any information has changed significantly, if the animal's health has declined, or if papers are not in order - find out why!!!  Do not take possession of the animal until all paperwork is in your hands and you agree with the seller that everything is satisfactory!!! 

You are more than welcome to call the
American Donkey and Mule Society office at
any point if you have questions or problems.   972-219-0781.

Feel free to modify this list for your own uses. It may seem like a lot of things to check, but it is fairly standard in what a breeder would check in purchasing breeding stock.  Some of it is of lesser importance if you are not purchasing a breeding animal, but the health and paperwork issues are vital.