About Hinnies
On this page are photographs of hinnies (stallion horse x donkey jennet).  These are from registration records and other photos in the ADMS archives. 

While it is said in older literature that hinnies are weaker than mules, in today's animals we do not find this to be true.  In the past, the jennets bred to stallions were often small and of lesser quality.  This would result in an inferior foal, many having large bodies and weak legs, along with other conformation faults.  Today's hinnies usually have better-bred dams, with many having Mammoth jennet dams.  The majority of hinnies are miniatures, however. 

À cette page sont les photographies des bardeaux (jennet d'âne X de cheval d'étalon). Ceux-ci sont des disques d'enregistrement et d'autres photos dans les archives d'ADMS. Tandis qu'on lui dit en littérature plus ancienne que les bardeaux sont plus faibles que des mules, dans today' ; des animaux de s nous ne trouvons pas ceci pour être vrais. Dans le passé, les jennets multipliés aux étalons étaient souvent petits et de peu de qualité. Ceci aurait comme conséquence un poulain inférieur, beaucoup avoir de grands corps et jambes faibles, avec d'autres défauts de conformation. Today' ; les bardeaux de s habituellement meilleur-ont multiplié des barrages, avec des beaucoup avoir les barrages gigantesques de jennet. La majorité de bardeaux sont des miniatures, cependant.

Leah Patton, Registrar, ADMS
Pearlie Mae, Miniature hinny
Freeloader, 44" tall miniature hinny.  He is spotted-all-white (sabino white, he has dark eyes).
Box C Blanche, born 1996.  Sire is a Quarter horse, dam is a 14hh Mammoth. Photo at one year of age.
Box C Bocefus, also shown at one year of age.  Sire is the same Quarter Horse as Blanche.  Dam is a 13.2 red roan Mammoth jennet.
Baron's First Mine.  Owned by Dawn Rogers.  Photos at age 5 years, and 4 days old. 

Sire is a 15 hand chestnut Quarter Horse stallion, dam is a 15.2 hand black Mammoth Jennet.
An archive photo of a hinny with the donkey jennet dam in the background.
James Dean, a gaited (TWH) hinny.  Photo courtesy of Amy McLean.
LeMoan, a hinny owned by Walter Nunn.  Photo Courtesy of AmyMcLean
A new arrival, a hinny named Sampson.  He is owned by the McHones.  His sire is a Welsh Section B Stallion.
Eagle Canyon Hinny Denny.  His sire is a TWH  Stallion with lines to Merry Go Boy (Both paternal and maternal sides of the stallion's pedigree)   His dam is a Mammoth jennet sired by the famous Mammoth jack Black Bart.