A number of photos of a mule attacking a mountain lion (cougar, puma) are circulating on the internet.  They have been sent to us numerous times - please, we  have seen them, do not forward them to us.  We recieve no less than 10 sets of them a week. 

We do not know the owner of the mule.  While we were contacted by a member saying it was a friend of theirs that owned the mule BEFORE the photos started making the rounds, we also know how urban legends are born. 

The photos are supposed to be of a mule in New Mexico on a lion hunt (yes it is legal in some states).  The mule is attacking the lion which we were told initially had already been shot by hunters.

Yes, a mule will attack a predator in this fashion.  This is the same way a donkey would attack a dog or coyote, which is what makes (some) donkeys good guard animals.  The photos are very graphic, but do show exactly the mode of attack a mule or donkey would use.

We would not say that the photos had been "contrived" or doctored in any way.  Leah Patton, office manager of the ADMS, has witnessed similar attack behaviour between a donkey and dog, as have other staff of the ADMS, and other mule and donkey owners.  In this case, the photos would be classified as "Genuine".

While we are neither supporting nor condemning the photos, we do believe them to be a true depiction of what a mule or donkey would do faced with the situation of a predator invading their territory.

Thank you for your interest in longears, and in the photos, but please, do not continue to send them to the ADMS email.

The ADMS Staff. 
Mule versus Lion  (Mule attacks Lion)  (Mule attacking Mountain Lion) (Mule vs Cougar/Puma)

Photos of mule and mountain lion on the internet.