We have just received an unconfirmed notice about a possible allergic reaction in a donkey and in a mule when the animals were given the new Zimectrin Gold wormer (ivermectin _ new additive for tapeworms).  Zimectrin is known to be one of the more effective and safest wormers on the market.

We are trying to get vet confirmation on this incident.  WE DO NOT WANT TO BE SPREADING false rumors or starting any, but if this case is factual, it can be of great importance to longears. 

IF you have used this or any other medical product (wormer, vaccine, topical, etc) on your donkey or mule and had a verified allergic or detrimental reaction, please take the following steps for documentation.

1. Record the time/date, the substance used/given, the amount, name/age/breed/sex of the animal, any reaction and the duration of the reaction.

2. Contact your vet immediately.  Have the vet document in writing.

3. Contact the manufacturer of the product IN WRITING and let them know exactly what happened.

4. Send a copy of any documentation to the ADMS and ask that the manufacturer do the same as well. 

Keeping accurate documentation on any reactions to any products is absolutely essential for donkeys and mules and the use of/development of any vaccines or products in the future.

We know there have been some lightly documented but potentially dangerous allergic reactions in some donkeys and mules to the carrier (suspension agent) in some Fort Dodge vaccines, and also in Miniature Donkeys to the Quest gel wormer products.  Keeping in mind that these products were developed for use in HORSES, tested in HORSES, and assumed to be safe for donkeys and mules as well, only a clear papertrail and channels of communication can help in the future to determine if separate products or testing procedures need to be looked at for longears in general.  We are not saying these products are not good, or should not be used in longears, but that further research should be done.   Again, if you have had known reactions in your animals, PLEASE take the necessary steps to provide clear documentation for future use.

Thank you,

Leah Patton, Office Manager, ADMS
Po Box 1210, Lewisville TX 75067