Membership Application The American Donkey and Mule Society.
Print this page (*)and mail with your membership fee to:  ADMS, PO Box 1210, Lewisville TX 75067 ***      (See bottom of this page for new info re PAYPAL.  phone (972) 219-0781 with any questions)
Please use this form if mailing with a check or money order.  Online links below.
Please enroll me (us) as a member(s) of the American Donkey and Mule Society.  I have enclosed a check or Money order for my  $27.00 membership dues for the year 2013 (Canada $37.00,  Overseas, $5000).  Membership includes subscription to THE BRAYER magazine. If joining before Sept 20th, your will receive all issues for that calendar year -  CURRENTLY - You are joining for 2013
NEW: _________ (will receive new member packet) 
for 2013  

NEW OPTIONS!!!  Sign me up now!  (Option A) (  all of 2013)  $27/37/50
Option B You may join now and get volumes 4-5-6 of 2012, and all of 2013 for just $37.00 US 47, 60 Canada/Overseas)
Option C   Or you may request the "combo" for 10 and get all of 2012 back issue for just $44 dollars ($54.00 Canada, $72,00 overseas) WHICH INCLUDES the  membershipfor 2013

RENEWING from 2012?____ (If you have let your membership lapse from before 2009, please let us know)

Name __________________________________________________(or names), all members of a family or all partners may be listed.
Farm Name (listing here does not register farm name, see below)_________________________________
I wish to register my unique farm name (enclosed $7.00)  YES  NO   _______________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
City: ________________________________ State ______________  Zip: _________
Phone : ________________________Fax  _______________________
e-mail  ____________________website _________________________________________

PLEASE PRINT This page, fill out (Please print clearly) and Send to:  ADMS PO Box 1210, Lewisville TX, 75067.     Phone 972-219-0781    e-mail
(YOU MAY NOW CALL US WITH A CREDIT CARD TO CHARGE YOUR MEMBERSHIP - new or renewal - to MC/Visa/AmEx/Disc! or you may use
the ONLINE form instead.)  For your security we will not call you and ask for your CC number, you must call us.  Please do not email us and ask us to call you for CC info.  Thank you. 

The ADMS does not sell its mailing list.  However, if you would like to be included on our free Breeder's Referral Database list, please indicate: yes __________  As a breeder of:  _________________________________________________________________________________
(Please be specific as to type, color, jacks at stud, training, etc).


*********************************************************** READ BELOW!!!!!!

THIS FORM MAY PRINT OVER ONTO 2 pages on your browser.  We do not need the second page sent to us - please print only page ONE ABOVE  if possible, or recycle the second page if it prints by default!      DO NOT PRINT AND MAIL THE PORTION BELOW PLEASE!  Save paper!

Our dues are $27.00 per year ($37.00 Canada & $50.00 Overseas) which includes the BRAYER magazine.  When you join, or give a membership as a gift, the new member receives a NEW MEMBER PACKET, which includes all back issues of the magazine from the beginning of the calendar year * , membership card, book catalog, membership certificate, member handbook, breeders listing form, and assorted literature.   If this does not arrive, PLEASE inform us.  It is sent book rate and is slower than first class mail.  We try to process all new memberships in the week we receive them.

If you join in any year before October 1, your membership is for that calendar year.  You will receive everything published from the beginning of that year and your renewal is due in January.
* If you join after October 1,
your membership is for the following calendar year. You will receive the winter issue (or, if we have run out, the nearest issue to winter) of the year you join and all the issues for the next calendar year.  Your membership privileges start at the time you join, however, so that you may begin registering animals, or participating in award programs immediately. (IN EFFECT NOW - For 2013)
                    For this reason, if you decide to order a sample of the magazine before you join up (Sample issue, $3.00), you will not get the most current issue.  You would get a second copy of that issue when you join up if we sent current issues.  (Sample issues are limited to what we have on hand - specific issue requests may not be available.)

                      International members, please do not send a personal check as our bank will not accept it. A money order in US funds either bank or postal, is quite acceptable as is a check on a US Dollar account or a US bank.  If you are willing to risk mailing it we will also accept US cash.  DUES FOR INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS ARE $50.00 U.S. DUE TO HIGHER POSTAL CHARGES. We apologise for this, but the US postal rates have changed and we can now ONLY send packages Priority! 
You may join ADMS online by logging into and making a payment of $28 if in the USA( We respectfully ask that the  $1 courtesy reimbursement of fees be added to help keep our costs low - so $28 instead of $27 for a  CC  or paypal, THANK YOU!  ).  Please cut-and-paste our email address  ( ) as that is the directory for payment.

(fees for Canada and Overseas are as above, 37 and 50, with the extra dollar for conversion of at all possible.)   It is quick and easy to sign up for paypal, and they are a completely secure site.  After you have signed up, you can send payments to anyone with email.  Use "Services" , make sure to list your full mailing address, and mention  THE BRAYER or "Membership" in the message box they provide.  You may still add all members of your family , just list all of their names in the message box.  You'll find Paypal is great for online auctions as well, or we will also take paypal for Hee Haw orders (But please still send a chk or MO with registrations, since we need hard copies of photos for that anyway).

Paypal will let us know we have a payment (MOST OF THE TIME), and we can process your membership right away!!!! ($28 USA, $38 Canada, $51 overseas).   We send a "Thank you" note on a copy of your paypal payment back to you - to confirm our notice of payment.  If you do not get the Thank-You note, please contact us! 

We also have Online forms if you wish to use a credit card.