Mules, Mules, Mules!!!
A mule (jack donkey x horse mare) can be any size, shape, or type.  The parents may be both miniatures, with the mule under 36" at the withers.  Or a mule can have a Mammoth Jack sire and a Belgian mom, resulting in a 17hh+ Draft mule.  Mules can just about be bred to order.  You can breed for saddle mules, work mules, pack mules, minis, drafts, blonds, blacks, appaloosas, or duns with "racing" stripes.  Half the fun of waiting for a mule foal is wondering what color and markings it will have!
If you are interested in seeing some of the more unusual coat colors and patterns that mules may have, you can visit our "Mule guru" site at

We have an extensive site in the works for figure remakers that show mules of every shape, size and hue!!!
An excellent Saddle Mule.
Large Draft mules (percheron crosses) in the Dickensfest parade, Galveston TX.
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Measuring Equines
Stroud's Wahoo - a REALLY loud appaloosa Saddle mule - performing in English Pleasure
A miniature hinny (silver dapple in winter coat).
  Stallion x jennet.
Thalia, a draft (Poitou) mare mule in France.  The dun coloration is common in the Mulassier breed of horse, but not popular in the United States in Draft Mules.  Unfortunately, there are few Mulassier and Poitou donkeys that can pass the import restrictions for the USA.  Only 3 Mulassiers are in the US at this time.  The Poitou mule will remain a rare creature!