If you have an animal that is going to be for sale or that you are considering showing, we strongly suggest you register it as soon as possible, and do not wait until you have a buyer on hand, or the week before the show entry deadline.

If you do need papers rushed for any reason, we STILL REQUIRE all of the regular processing.  This means photos, application, breeding certificates, stud reports on file, fees.

We suggest using the Online Form so that we can guarantee we have the necessary information.

We will not process any registrations without completed materials (including photos and fees).  If an application lacks Breeding Certificates, Stud reports or parent verification, this may move your miniature-sized donkey into the ADR book. 

Please be aware that if you fax over an application it will be held until photos and payment arrive.

We will not assign numbers for sale or show any longer, as we have the means to have all the materials on hand via our online service. 

Thank you,

The ADMS Staff.