Up to August 2008 - If you do not see your prefix here (the one you use on your REGISTRATION papers), please email us and let us cross reference our records.  Remember that your FARM NAME and PREFIX may not be the same.  If you are choosing a new prefix, it should not exceed 12 letters/spaces characters.  Remember there is a space AFTER your prefix before the name starts, and the total name length for an animal may not exceed 30 spaces (letters, spaces, punctuation).  For example - Goin' Green Ranch is 18 total letters and spaces before a name, and therefore too long.  Goin' Green would be 12, and allowable. Names that are over the 30 letter limit will either be shortened by ADMS, or put on hold, which delays your paperwork.
PREFIXES: All animals must have a prefix in front of their name, example: My Farm Name's Mary. You may use your own prefix (My Farm's Name.) or the Breeder's. (You cannot use  "third party prefix.  If the breeder Jones sells the animal to Smith and then Smith sells it to Brown, Smith MUST register the animal to Smith if he wants his prefix on the name.  In otherwords - either Jones as the breeder's prefix or Brown as the first person to register can have their prefix. If you want your prefix on a registration, you should register the animal.)   If you send an animal to a new owner with only an application, you risk losing your Farm Name attached to the animal's name.  The first person to register the donkey can choose which prefix (either the breeder's or their own) will go in front of an animals name.  It happens often than an animal may be sold more than once without being registered.  They still have their pedigree, but may end up with a prefix from someone you have never heard of.  If you as the breeder want to make sure your prefix is on the animals name, we strongly suggest you register it yourself.  (Animals purchased with UNKNOWN breeders by default will have to use the new owner's prefix). 

WHATEVER you choose as a prefix will be yours from now on (the breeder's is their own and may be  used on animals purchased from the breeder only). If you think the prefix you have chosen may already have been used, call the office or list alternate choices. You must use your prefix in exactly the same form each time. Do not use "Quote" marks and we prefer that you not use periods (A.B.C.). Prefixes will not be duplicated, and if they are too close for the computer to work with (Holly's and Hollys') you may be asked to pick a new prefix. Choosing a prefix and registering your farm name are not the same thing. Your prefix may be part of your farm name or something else. 
(PREFIXES SHOULD BE 13 total characters or less, to comply with the total name length rules of 30 total characters.  If your prefix is very long, you may wish to shorten it!!!) 

Prefixes on the various pages are arranged as the computer put them in Alphabetical order.

If you are looking for "Old Rail Farm" then it would be on the "O" pages, etc.

If unsure, please contact the office about prefixes and we will cross reference the prefix database AND the registry database.  We do realize there are some prefixes that are duplicated, most dating back to the time when all of this information was kept by hand.  We are working to resolve this if it is an issue - some of those prefixes are long retired.
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