If you have not already paid your dues for 2013, please take a moment to do so.   IF YOU PAID AFTER the Dec 15th renewal date, please continue reading, expecially the part about BULK MAILING.  (This includes if you got the OR in the mail)

We accept checks, money orders, (cash if need be) or Paypal.  We also accept Visa or Mastercard (sorry, no Discover or Am Ex)

We are a non-profit organization!  That means our budget is strictly regulated!  Please help us serve you better by paying your dues as soon as possible!

Our membership year always runs from January to December.  This means your subscription expires/dues are due every year in December. 

We place a notice in the Volume 6 (Nov/Dec) issue each year.  We must send out renewal notices after that, but these cost printing and postage additional costs.

IF YOU JOINED after October of 2012, you are a member for 2013 and should get all of 2013's magazines.

Please make sure you mail to the correct address! Our old Denton address is long gone!

IF you send your dues in after December 21 of 2012, you will get your magazines, but there is always a delay in getting them to you.  They are sent out bulk mail, and we have to abide by the post office rules for bulk mail - basically, 200 (two hundred) pieces must be sorted for mailing at one time.  200 people must have sent in renewals to send bulk mail. 

INFORMATION BELOW pertains to 2010, and will be updated again at the end of December.  So that the information does not pertain to you, please go ahead and renew your dues NOW!

The PINK POSTCARD (for 2010) was mailed from the printer on Dec 27th.  The same day the final mailing list went to the printer in December, the list of non-paid members went to the bulk mailer for the postcard.  Both were sent on Dec 22nd from ADMS to the respective printers.   Both the BRAYER and the postcards were sent BULK MAIL.  The post office states that bulk mail can take up to 21 days.  That's business days - not including Sundays or postal holidays, of which there have already been a number between the drop-off date and today. 
(THE POSTCARD for 2013 will be going out soon!!!)

Many of you sent in your renewals after Dec 22, therefore you got the pink postcard.  We are working on our THIRD bulk mail already (we've send 535 magazines out in those two mailings, and Bulk 3 will go out sometime next week, probably Jan 29th or so).  As it states on the card - your dues and this card may have crossed in the mail.  That's the case in 90% of these cases.  If you mailed your dues, or sent paypal and got a thank-you reply, or called with a credit card and STILL got a pink postcard, it's either because of the time frame, or you might be on the database twice.  We found a few more people on twice, and have eliminated the double entry.  If you know you sent in your dues, please be patient for your BRAYER.   They are bulk, that's PO regulations, we cannot change that.  Bulk 1 was mailed on 1/15 (anything recieved before 1/11 was in that bulk) Bulk 2 was mailed 1-22 (anything that came in before 1/18.

A quick note about paypal - we've gotten ten payments in the last month that did not have an address on the message that is sent. Three had names different in the paypal records than we have on file for you!  We can't tell if  Calhoun is really Clinken if there is no address to be able to cross reference!  If you are not sure if your paypal address shows up (you can lot into paypal to check the item as it was sent to us) then please make note of it in the messages field.

Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated!  We have four people here at the office doing a LOT of work keeping your registrations, magazine, membership database, Hee Haw Book service, and also general inquiry/information moving as fast as possible.

The Staff

PO Box 1210
Lewisville TX 75067

Subscriptions/Memberships/Dues - Due NOW!!!
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