Registry Notes (2)

ANY DONKEY BEING REGISTERED WHICH IS BY A REGISTERED JACK  MUST HAVE A CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE (breeding certificate) with its registration application (regardless of the age of the donkey being registered) .  If it does not, the jack will be listed as "unverified".  Jacks may be verified with written proof from the breeder and a $7.00 fee, plus the $2.00 reissue fee at any time later on.  This is an absolute requirement for donkeys, and strongly recommended for mules.  Certificates are available from the registry office and will also be found on the front of our registration application forms.  REMEMBER, IF THE PERSON SELLING THE ANIMAL DOES NOT DO THE PAPERWORK, IT IS THE BUYER THAT SUFFERS.

TRANSFER OF REGISTERED ANIMAL INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S NAME:   Transfer applications are available from the registry office.  If you do not have a transfer application you may use a plain sheet of paper, or a copy of your Bill of Sale.   Please list Name and address of Seller, Name & address of Buyer, Date of sale, name and reg # of animal, Mature height if animal was registered Before 3 years of age and is now past its third birthday (if no height is listed the animal will be transferred as immature and must STILL be updated at a later date  with the $4.00 fee.) .  If animal has changed from the photos please send new photos.  Person doing the transfer must sign.  Copies of bill of sale are welcome if signature of seller cannot be had. Please return all of the above with the ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE. (If the original has been lost or destroyed, we need a note to that extent.)  If the animal never had a certificate it is NOT a Transfer. Note that Immature and NOTICE ONLY transfers are done by affixing a Registry transfer sticker to the bottom of the certificate (as do most horse registries).  These transfers are $5.00.  If the animal is MATURE (and has a height appearing on the paperwork) you may opt for either a NOTICE ONLY transfer ($5.00 ? such as if you are transfering and then immediately selling the animal again) OR you may have a full reissue of papers with your name appearing in the owner field ? Fee $7.00.  All immatures are NOTICE ONLY.

ANIMALS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN REGISTERED ARE NOT BEING TRANSFERRED AS THEY DO NOT YET APPEAR IN OUR RECORDS. To ?transfer? means to change the registration of an animal into a new owner?s name. If an animal has never been registered you may name it anything you like (using your own prefix).  You do not have to keep the breeders prefix, but can do so if you prefer.  (A prefix for the name, whether your own or the breeder?s, is required) New registrations are $15.00 for jacks or jennets and require : Dues (2001 membership are $20.00 USA, $27.00 Canadian, $30.00 international),  Registration application, Photos, Breeders Certificate for animals sired by registered jacks, inspection form for untraced animals.    

ANIMALS may be ?transferred? (actually an initial registration)  into either of our registries from any other registry (ours or someone else's) A. By  filling out an application for whichever of our registries you wish the animal to be in (MDR for miniatures or ADR, etc.), B: Sending 2 photos  C: sending $8.00 fee and D. sending a PHOTOCOPY of the other registration papers.  All of these things must be sent.  Our prefix rules must be used.  If the animal is registered in one of our registries the same name must be used.  If it is registered in another registry you must use your prefix in front of the name.  We prefer you use the same name that is in the other registry where possible to avoid confusion.  If the name already has a valid prefix in front of it, you do not need to add yours.  These animals will be double registered, you will not lose your other registration.  All other registration numbers will be added to your papers and our records.

It is not necessary to change miniatures registered in ADR over into MDR, although you may double-register them if you wish.  Both registries are run by ADMS, in the same computer, and numbers are used interchangeably.  The above information applies for miniatures in ADR that you wish to have listed in MDR as well.  (However, no minis will be added to ADR any longer)

OVERSIZED MINIATURE DONKEYS:  We will register miniature donkeys as oversized, up to 38" for breeding purposes only.  This will only be done if the animal has a miniature pedigree (meaning AT LEAST registered miniature parents.)  After 9-1-95 all oversized miniature donkeys will have an O in front of their registration number and the amount they are oversized will appear under "description" on the papers.  If an animal does not have a miniature pedigree of registered parents (Both parents Registered 36? or under Miniature Donkeys) it will not be registered as ?miniature breeding? if it is oversized.  It will be registered as small standard.

RE-ISSUE OF CERTIFICATE, A certificate may be reissued upon request or due to damage or other problems, or changes in the animal such as color changes etc.  The fee is $5.00. (4) RE-ISSUE OF CERTIFICATE BECAUSE OF MISTAKE.  If the mistake was made by the registry the re-issued certificate is free.  If the mistake was made on the registration application the cost will be $5.00.  LOST CERTIFICATE: we must have a written request, stating that the certificate was lost or destroyed for our records by the current owner before we can replace these certificates. Written reissue orders are kept on file with the original application.  A form is available or you may write out your own.

* All applications are processed in the order in which they are received.  All mail is opened on a daily basis including weekends and the day after holidays.  ?RUSH? ORDERS ARE NOT ENCOURAGED - we suggest you leave yourself enough time to mail, us to process, and return registrations to you without putting anyone in a bind.   We try to keep registration turnaround time to a minimum.  YOU MUST CALL IN ADVANCE OF SENDING A RUSH.  RUSH RETURN POSTAGE MUST BE PROVIDED BY YOU (either $3.00 for priority mail, $12.00 for overnight UPS or Postal, or a Fed Ex account number) YOU MUST PUT

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