Registration RULES & FEES
This page is what normally appears on the back of the registration forms.  If you are printing this to pass along to someone else, please make sure you give them both the APPLICATION page and this page as well.

REGISTRATION RULES (please read carefully and completely)

INSPECTION:  Jacks and Jennets which are not out of registered parents MUST be inspected.  This can be done by a veterinarian or an ADMS Inspector. Official inspection sheets and list of inspectors available from the office. Zebra Bloodstock stallion and Zebra broodmares should be inspected. 
Geldings, Mules and Zebra HYBRIDS do not need to be inspected. If parents are registered no inspection is necessary. However, ANIMALS SHOWING EXTREME Disproportional CHARACTERICS MAY BE REFUSED.  Consultations will be done on these cases. 

1.HEIGHT.  Miniature donkeys are defined as members of the "breed by height".  The miniature donkey must be 36" or under when mature. Animals over age 3 must be accurately measured and height given on the form. (The owner is responsible for this, it does not have to be done by an inspector.)  Measure accurately from ground to highest point of the withers. Small standards are 36.01 -40", standards 40.01-48, Large Standard 48.01 to 54/jennets 56/Jacks & Geldings, over 54/56 are Mammoths.
Miniature Mules are under 50" at maturity.  Saddle and Draft mules are determined by type, as are Saddle Mules of Gaited Breeding. 

2.PHYSICAL IDENTIFICATION.  Some form of  permanent physical identification is strongly recommended by this registry for ALL animals. 
Permanent ID is *REQUIRED* for all new Miniature Mediterranean Donkey registration applications.  Minis with one non-MDR/Mini pedigreed parent or animals that lack Perm ID will be registered as American Miniatures. .   Lip or ear tattoos, brands,  ear tags, electronic identification may be used.  Put any tattoos, microchips,  etc. under "description" on registry application.

3. TRANSFERS of ownership are accomplished by means of a form available from the registry. Follow directions on form. Original Certificate must accompany any transfer papers.  $5.00 Transfer fee for Immature, (all immatures are done as "nofication only and papers are NOT reissued unless there are errors) $7.00 for mature animals. WIth a $7.00 transfer, we will issue a fresh certificate.  HOWEVER< the application form is not for  transfer  only of registered animals.  Please use the
TRANSFER FORM if the animal already has a registration certificate with ADMS.

4.TO REGISTER A DONKEY, MULE, ZEBRA or HYBRID, , THE OWNER MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN DONKEY AND MULE SOCIETY.  This fee is $27.00 for the current year (US members, $37.00 Canada/$50 overseas)  and you will receive THE BRAYER MAGAZINE and our other services. This is in addition to the registration fee for the animal.

5.EXOTIC COLORS.  The EC prefix in from of miniature donkey registration numbers will no longer be used as of 11-11-96.  Those animals who have previously been assigned the EC with their number will not be affected (ie, it will not be removed from the names of older animals, but it will not be added to new ones.

6.   3 YEAR-OLD  UPDATE:  When donkeys have passed their third birthday, please send their
original registration certificate back to the registry office with ALL of the following included.  1. 2 new mature photos (side views) 2. Mature height taken at the point of the withers. 3. $4.00 update fee.  4. Any other changes, such as newly seen markings, new brands or tattoos, color changes, etc.  An updated certificate showing the current owner and all changes will be sent back.  All registrations are permanent, at any age. This certificate is a mature update. (This should be done after age 4 or 5 in larger donkeys and mules)

7.  REGISTRATION FEES:  (You must be a paid up member to register an animal)

Registration of any jennet or jack $15.00        Registration of a gelding  (donkey or zebra) $5.00
Registration of a Mule or Hinny - $10.00        REgistration of a Zebra Hybrid - $10.00
Registration of zebra stallion or mare (Bloodstock) - $5.00

* Certificate/application Corrections  $5.00 (Mistake on application)
*Transfer $5.00 (non-members may transfer) (record  only) (This is the only way IMmature animals are transferred.  You may also choose this option for mature animals that may be sold again in a short time period.
*Transfer  w/certificate reissue - $7.00  (For mature animals only.  (Or, you may update the animal and transfer it at the same time - it is still just the $7.00 fee).
*  3 year old update $4.00  

* In all of these cases,
the Original Certificate must be returned to the ADMS. Your papers will be delayed if the original is not recieved with transfers or updates.  Please contact the ADMS for further instructions if the original certificate was not surrendered, has been lost or destroyed.

PHOTOS AND IDENTIFICATION ON THE REGISTRATION APPLICATION.  Please fill out the portion which asks for description by describing any markings which do not appear in the photos, such as "collar buttons", stars on forehead, garters (leg stripes) or other markings which may be useful for ID purposes .  ONE PHOTO OF EACH SIDE IS REQUIRED no matter the age of the animal.  It must show color of animal and shape of Shoulder stripe.  PLEASE SEND CLEAR PHOTOS !  PHOTO INFO

9. The first person to register the animal may choose the animals name.  If the breeder wishes the animal to be named
My Farm Bubba and not His Ranch Buddy, the BREEDER must be the first person to register the animal.  If you send only this application with an animal at the time of sale, the new owner (or whomever after that sends the application in to ADMS) may use their own prefix on the application and does NOT have to use yours.   NAMES SHOULD BE NO LONGER THAN 30 Total Characters

PREFIXES When you register your first animal for which you choose the name, please choose a registry prefix to be permanently assigned to all of your registered animal's names. Choices are often initials, farm names or last names.  This will be used to identify all of your registered animals.  Please use it in the same form every time.   If your prefix is ABC, do not write it A.B.C.  (Using this as an example your animals would be ABC Baby, ABC Star, ABC Bubba, ABC Little Bit, etc).  Nobody else will be allowed to use your designated prefix.  In this way, you may choose a name you prefer for your animal without worrying about whether it has been used before. We do not duplicate prefixes.  If you request a prefix already in use, your paperwork will be held until we can contact you)  PREFIXES SHOULD BE NO LONGER than 13 characters. Because we have over  60,000 registered animals, we will not register a donkey without a proper prefix.  The prefix may only be your own, or that of the breeder of the animal.   Applications sent in with NO PREFIX listed on the form will be held until the prefix can be provided.  If in doubt or you have questions, PLEASE CALL BEFORE SENDING YOUR PAPERWORK IN.   Still unsure about your prefix?  Read here...

ADMS  - Form 58 part B   You do NOT NEED TO SEND US A COPY OF THIS PAGE.  Give it to others, but do not waste printing and postage sending it to ADMS!


Membership to ADMS (person or family) The fees for 2013 are $27 USA, $37 Canada , and $50 overseas.

WE accept  credit card payments through
PayPal. If you would like to join, go to PayPal's secure site, sign up with them and please add $2.00 courtesy processing fee.  You will need to cut-and paste our paypal-use e-mail address ( as the SEND TO address.  Please be very certain you have the email address entered correctly, or payment may not make it to us.  Check SERVICES on PayPal's list, and please include your full address for mailing your BRAYER magazine.  We will inform you when we have recieved payment through PayPal.    OUR E-mail address for paypal is

Registration of an animal - $15 for jack or jennet.  $5.00 for gelding donkey or  zebra.  $10 for mules.  $10 for Zebra Hybrids,  $5 for zebra bloodstock. 

Transfer fees - $7.00 for mature animals.  $5.00 for "notice only" and
all immature animals.

Mature update fees - $4.00. 

Mature update and transfer to new owner at the same time - $4.00

Reissue of lost papers - please
contact ADMS office for instruction. 

RUSH FEE  - Contact
ADMS office. There are cut-offs on rushes before some events.  ALL RUSHES MUST BE PRE-APPROVED By the office BEFORE YOU SEND them to ADMS!!!  NO EXCEPTIONS. 
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