RUSH registrations and RUSH FEES

Due to the processing time involved in working every piece of mail from start to finish, we do no like to accept Rush registrations.  However, we do understand that occasionally there are circumstances where it is necessary.

RUSH registrations must be pre-approved, by phone.  If you do not have a RUSH confirmation code, and have not written RUSH on the outside of the envelope, your packet cannot be processed as a Rush. 

Rush registrations will be processed within 3-5 days of reciept, and mailed back to you Priority as soon as possibe.  We cannot guarantee any delivery time on any mail (as the PO will not guarantee times either.

Rush orders must be completed as usual - all paperwork filled out, photos, and fees included.  The rush fee PER ANIMAL is $50 each in addition to the normal fees.   If a Rush fee is not included we cannot process as a Rush.

If a number is needed for a show, you can request that the number be sent to you along with our "pending completion" note.  This note can be emailed or faxed to you and one (1) show secretary.  We cannot fax to multiple venues, you will need to inform any shows that you are entering of the animal(s) number.

To request the number for a show, include ALL of the normal registration items (fees, forms, photos) filled out as usual, with a cover letter stating the show date, your contact information (fax or email for copy to be sent) and the fax or email of the show secretary.  We can then fax/email them our standard form stating your paperwork is in process. 

This is not a temporary number, and numbers will not be assigned without completed paperwork.  The papers are not handled in a different way other than informing someone of the number in advance of papers being completed.  After assigning the number the papers go into the regular processing loop (to go through the data entry process) and will be mailed to you when they have been completed.

If you must actually have a physical certificate (such as for shipping, exportation)  then you may request a RUSH - but you must call ahead to confirm.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Please call or
email the office - thanik you!  

The ADMS Staff

(972) 219-0781