Body Type and Proportion Comparisons
These silhouettes were all created in the same way - tracing the horse/donkey out of the photo, whiteing out the background, adjusting the contrast to make the animal a silhouette.  While they are not all the ideal for pose (shot level with the animal, feet properly lined up, head square and not facing the camera), most are useful for a study in proportion of various types of horses and donkeys.
B. European Medium Draft type (moderate leg feathering).
A. European type Heavy Draft horse (with feathered legs).
D. Stock Horse (QH, Paint, Appaloosa)
C. American Draft Horse.  Clean legged (no feathering)
F. Arabian Horse.
E. Cob (French Cob)
H Modern Old-style Shetland (Dwarfy)
G. British Shetland (Old style. literally a miniaturized Draft horse.)
K. . Miniature Horse  (under 34")
J. Modern (American) Show Shetland
M.  Severe Dwarf Miniature Horse
L. Miniature Horse (under 34" )
Donkey Comparisons
BB Mammoth Donkey
AA. Mammoth  Over 64"
DD. Mammoth Donkey (over 56")
CC. Poitou/Lg Standard cross  Donkey 54"
FF. Standard Donkey  (46")
EE. Mammoth Jennet
HH. Heavy Boned (drafty) miniature (31")
GG. Small Standard Donkey (under 44")
KK. Typical Miniature Donkey (Mature)
JJ. Miniature Donkey (Mature, 33")
MM. Dwarf Donkey 1 (AVDS)
LL. Miniature Donkey Jack
NN. Dwarf Donkey 2
OO. Dwarf Donkey 3
Dwarf Donkey  - The Registry is of the opinion these animals are Dwarfs.  We have in the past labelled them AVDS (Apparent Visual Disproporionate Syndrome) but we hope you will agree they are dwarfed and not of normal proportions.

QQ Dwarf Donkey - Extreme case.
RR. Romeo, Dwarf Donkey
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SS. Yearling Miniature Donkey
TT. Miniature Yearling.