NAME OF ANIMAL ___________________________________________________ REG # _____________

Height of animal if over AGE THREE _________Color of ADULT summer coat________________________

NAME OF SELLER _____________________________________________________________________

SELLER ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________________

SELLER'S SIGNATURE __________________________________________________________________

(In signing this form, the seller states that they are the legal owner of the animal, and retain the right to offer it for sale.  The ADMS will not be responsible for ownership disputes, etc.  Papers are transferred to the listed buyer as presented with the assumption they are correct and legal.)   Only one signature in joint ownership cases is required unless instructions are filed with the ADMS office prior to the sale of the animal. IF SELLER'S SIGNATURE IS NOT AVAILABLE, PROOF OF SALE SUCH AS A COPY OF THE BILL OF SALE, CANCELED CHECK ENDORSED BY SELLER, ETC. MUST BE INCLUDED.   PLEASE SEND ONLY COPIES of bills of sale or canceled checks- KEEP ORIGINALS of those documents for your own records.  The only original to send to ADMS is the REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE!

NAME OF BUYER ______________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS OF  BUYER __________________________________________________________________

                                                        (please print clearly and make sure we have whole address including city, state and zip!)

BUYERS SIGNATURE __________________________________________________________________

Date of SALE ________________________   Date submitted to ADMS ___________________________

(In signing this form, the seller states that they have made a contract of sale with the above mentioned party.  The ADMS will not be responsible for ownership disputes, breach of contract, etc.  Papers sent in by  the above parties are transferred to the name of person (s) listed as buyer with the assumption that they are correct and legal. )         

If animal is under age 2 and qualifies for a name change, I certify I am the first person to have registered the animal and WILL ______ Will NOT ______ allow the (initial ONE) prefix _____ proper name _____ whole name _____ to be changed BEFORE THE 2nd BIRTHDAY ($10 name change + any other fees apply)   

NAME changes will NOT be accepted on animals over two (2) years of age or without approval indicated on this form or the original application.  If applicable,  Name change +immature transfer = $15 in total fees.            
Send the complete Transfer Packet including Original Certificate to:
The American Donkey and Mule Society,PO Box 1210, Lewisville TX 75067
(972-219-0781 phone. )  This may NOT be faxed as it must accompany the Original Certificate.

FOR RULES REGARDING FEES and TRANSFERS: ($5 for immature, $7 for mature animals.)
Transfer Form for Donkeys, Mules or Zebra Hybrids registered with
The American Donkey & Mule Society
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IF you have been handed an old form with the old Denton Address on it, PLEASE take a moment to change the address - that address is LONG gone, and mail may or may not make it back to the original Sender. 

We aren't closing, we aren't going out of business - we need your help to make sure our correct address is available to all future members!


PO Box 1210
Lewisville TX 75067    
We now accept credit cards!  If you wish this to be charged to your credit card, please fill out the following portion:

as it appears on card ___________________________________________________________
Billing address as it appears on your CC Statement:



Card Number __________________________________________________ MC   V   

Expiration date __________ 3-digit code on back of card (MC/V)______  (This verifies you have an actual card & helps prevent ID theft)

Signature _________________________________________________  Total amount _________

Phone Number (required) __________________________________________________________

(We ask a courtesy of no charges less than $5, and if possible, a donation of .50 for all credit card transactions -thank you!)

Do you wish us to keep this number on file for future use? Y     N    Initials _______________
Please read the rules CAREFULLY and send the correct fees in with your transfer.
Print this page and send in with appropriate fees, photos, and the ORIGINAL REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE.
               Application for Transfer of Ownership        

This form may be used for any of the Registries run by the American Donkey and Mule Society
The Miniature Donkey Registry, The American Donkey Registry, The American Mule Registry, The American Mule Racing Registry, The Zebra Hybrid & Bloodstock Registry.  If you are double-registering an animal from
any other registry, this is not the correct form.  Call the office for additional instructions, or refer to the Registry Booklet. If the animal is not yet registered with ADMS it is not a transfer!

Please make sure you read the following instructions carefully.  If information is incorrect or incomplete, your transfer may be delayed. To Transfer Ownership of an ADMS registered animal, please send ALL of  the following:

1. The Original Certificate of Registration (please keep a photocopy for yourself as things can get lost en route).  Please do not fold certificates. (Please note that if an animal has NEVER been registered, this form is not needed UNLESS you are registering to owner #1 and transferring to Owner #2 at the SAME TIME.)
2. This completed Transfer Form.
3. Any additional Information and Photos for animal. (Such as updated height!) *SEE BELOW
           $7.00 Transfer fee if  THIS IS A MATURE ANIMAL and you wish to have the certificate reissued with the transfer information , ie your name in the owner field, and transfer information/previous owner listed in the TRANSFER FIELD. ) (for MATURE ANIMALS ONLY - immature animals will NOT BE DONE with a reissue) 
          $5.00 transfer fee.  IF THIS IS AN IMMATURE ANIMAL OR you wish your Transfer endorsed but certificate NOT REISSUED   (A transfer endorsement sticker placed in the transfer field on the same certificate, which is the way the majority of Horse registries handle transfers) All Immature Transfers for ADMS are done this way only.  (You may  also do this on animals to be sold again right away.  If you send this form with both prices shown and only $5.00 we will do as a sticker transfer and NOT reissue the papers)

Mature animals are over age 3 if miniature, over age 4 or 5 if mules or Mammoths.   ANY ANIMAL UNDER THE AGE of THREE will have their transfers processed as IMMATURES. 
* If the animal was registered as immature and is now past its third birthday (not before age four for Mammoths, Mules and Zebra Hybrids) please take the time to update the animal at this point. There is no additional fee to update the papers at the same time you do the transfer! ($7 transfer fee ONLY  applies) .  What is needed is the height (from ground to withers, using a measuring stick, in increments of ") and recent photos of the mature animal (side views, one of each side showing any markings clearly). This will save extra trouble, time and fees. 
Reg #

Please note transfers are NOT official unless performed by the registry that issued the registration papers.  Proper recording of papers can only be done by sending the papers to the correct registry that matches the name shown on the paperwork.  
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