We have recieved five large envelopes from the Post Office in the last two months.  Inside were the majority of our daily mail... we wondered why our 25-100 daily pieces had dwindled to less than 20.  This adds up to over 500 pieces of mail total recieved "in bulk" instead of "daily" since the beginning of November.  *** Update 1-27-04 - we recieved one on Friday, with over 170 pieces, one on Monday with 35, and one today with possibly 200 pieces.  The total number of pieces is up to nearly 1000 now... - Update 2-4-04... Make that 1600 pieces with this week's bundles !!!  We are now going to the Postmaster and seeing what else can be done....**** UPDATE 2-24-04.  The PO now SWEARS the problem is fixed. ... Read on...

HERE was THE PROBLEM:  Everything was correctly addressed to us here at PO Box 1210, Lewisville TX 75067.  BUT......

When the pieces were run through the sorter and barcoded at the Post Office Hub (we have filed NUMEROUS complaints with the PO so they can track WHICH hub) the zip code was imprinted as 75034.  That's Frisco, about 20 miles away from here.

LUCKILY, someone at Frisco was bundling it all up and forwarding it to us... but we have no way of knowing if it is all of the mail, or not.  
**** 1-27-04 **** Due to the number of calls and email that we have been getting about membership renewal sent in December, we fear there is one more bundle or sorting of mail out in PO Neverland that we have not gotten. We just recieved a piece in the 2-3-04 bundle that was mailed Dec 30, sorted through Texas on 1-4-04, and arrived in our box on 2-3-04.   

We find out WHY!!!  Apparently, one of the barcode/sorting machines was being reset.  The resetting was not done properly, and part of the 5-digit code was missed.  It began to default to a different number.  Then we get story number 2 - that the machine did not recognize our Box number as a valid entry - it showed that all of the 900+ numbers and higher (ours is 1210) were invalid for the Lewisville Location!!!  Funny, we've had that box for over 2 years...

IF YOU SENT US ANYTHING AT ALL IN LATE OCTOBER, IN NOVEMBER,  IN DECEMBER, or even in January,   AND YOU HAVE HEARD NOTHING AT ALL FROM US IN MORE THAN 5 WEEKS, please call, fax or email us to check and see if we ever recieved your stuff.  We are running about 4-5 weeks on registrations just due to sheer volume (thank you! Oct and Nov were quite successful) but also we know there are pieces that have been delayed by these "batch" mailings.
If your check has not cleared the bank and it was for a MEMBERSHIP ONLY, there is a good chance we have not gotten in. If you got your BRAYER but you did not get your registrations yet (and they were in the same envelope) then we recieved your packet and the registrations are being completed.  As of 1-21-04 we are still getting pieces of mail postmarked from Dec 03 and early Jan 04, so they are STILL COMING In!!! (and still on 2-24-04, though I think we have managed to locate all but about 5 missing pieces that people have called about.)

These pieces of mail have come from all over the USA and even one from overseas!!!  It does not appear to be a problem locating at the mailing point of origin, but rather at the main sorting hub.  This is possibly the Dallas location -
we have filed  online complaints, talked with the postal clerk, and also filed  complaints verbally on the PO complaint line.

Again, if you think you should have gotten something back long before now, please go ahead and contact us.
Please be patient however, as we are talking about several hundred pieces of mail we are suddenly having to play catch-up with!!! **** 1-27-04 ***** as of Monday the 26th, all envelopes that DID NOT CONTAIN a registration had already been opened and processed.  The memberships were on the computer and the bulk mail for volume 1 was forwarded to the printer.  The latest dates on these new envelopes show Jan 12-17th.  Therefore mail from YOU to US is taking a minimum of 10 days.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENTS, and then us if you think you mailed before January12th. 

2-24-04 - We are down to about 100 pieces to put on the computer database, and most of those have February postmarks.  PLEASE contact us if you haven't gotten something so we can check.  Remember it still takes about 2 weeks for your packet to get from US to YOU after we mail it from here (provided the barcoding gets put on right on that, too!!!

Thanks for all your support!!!

adms@juno.com - fax 972-420-9980,     phone 972-219-0781

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This is one single packet of mail that came in an oversized (overstuffed) envelope from the Frisco Post office. 
This is a photo of some of the actual mail pieces.  The addrss is correct, but if you look at the barcode, it is NOT 75067, but 75034.  Therefore it was sorted into Frisco's delivery bin.