Versatility Hall Of Fame
Do you show your mule, donkey or zebra hybrid at open shows?  Have you "wowed 'em" at the local horse show when your mule took first in the trail class, or your donkey actually placed against horses in halter?  Here is a way to be able to add a little extra to your long-ear's show record.

The Versatility Hall of Fame Award, and the accumulated Honor Rolls were designed to showcase the longeared equine.  Points can be earned in a vast number of ways.  The more you show off your animal, the more points you can accumulate. 

There are awards for individual animal/handler combinations, Farms, and Youth. There are also additional awards for Driving and Merit of Breeding. The MOB awards allow the horse dam or sire or your mule or hinny, or the zebra parent of your hybrid to earn points through their offspring.

We will be posting the point sheets at a later date, but we request at this time if you are interested in enrolling your animal in the VHOF that you have the sheets sent to you.   There is a $15.00 enrollment fee, and your animal MUST ALREADY BE REGISTERED in ADMS before you can begin earning points.  You may enroll them at the same time you register them, but they cannot actually begin earning points until they are enrolled!  Please keep this in mind before you take them to that next big show.

NO ENROLLMENT FORM NEEDED!  Simply send the $15 (per animal, farm, or youth participant) to the ADMS office along with the name of the animal (and reg number) or the person' name you want enrolled.  You will get the enrollment package in the mail after that! 

Questions?  Please 
e-mail the ADMS office! packet.

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