RN# ___________________ Reg #___________________
NAME OF ANIMALAll animals must have a prefix in front of their name, eitherthe owner's or the breeders.  Use your prefix in the same form each time.  Do not use "qouute mark". Names may be NO LONGER than 30 total characters.  Names that are too long may be rejected or changed.
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __  *
In accordance with the ADMS rules, name changes must have written permission, be performed before the animal is 2, and with a $10.00 name change fee.  As the ORIGINAL OWNER at the time of registration, I DO or DO NOT Authorize  a name change at a later date    ______________________ my prefix may not be changed_______________________.
SEX:  Circle One Only
Male       Female         Gelded male
Color:                             Summer coat/Winter coat
                                      or Foal Coat (circle one)                                              
(foal coat is under on year)
Tattoos, brands, markings. Note anything that will aid in identification.  Include numbers or tattoos from other registries.  Unless otherwise noted, all donkey are assumed to have a cross and stripe and earmarks.  Not abscense of these if applicable. Note star or collar buttons.  INCLUDE PHOTOS OF ALL ANIMALS (one full side view of each side, right and left.  Animals showing extreme Disproportional Characteristics MUST BE REVIEWED on an Individual Basis.
Form of Permanent ID (type, ID sequence and location) :  
If male over age 2 both testicles descended?    Yes     NO
BITE: must be marked:  Even    Overbite    (1/4" max)     Underbite
Height if over 3 years old:
Date of Birth :
Breed or Type: Miniature Mediterranean Donkey        American Miniature Donkey     Small Standard Donkey         Standard Donkey    Lg. Standard Donkey        Mammoth Jackstock        Miniature Mule            Saddle Mule/Hinny         Saddle Mule/HInny of Gaited Breeding   Work/Pack Mule/Hinny       Draft Mule           Race Mule         Zebra Hybrid       Zebra Bloodstock     Other ___________________________________________________________________
Required for registered sire to be listed.  If THIS area is not signed or other certificate is not proveded on registered sires, REGARDLESS OF AGE OF ANIMAL BEING REGISTERED, the sire will be listed as unverified.

I certify that the jack listed at left covered the jennet listed OR was pasture exposed to my jack on the dates shown below:

Signed : 

SIRE:  Prefix and full name:

Breed         Color          Height      Reg #(s)
DAM:  Prefix and full name:

Breed        Color         Height       Reg #(s)
PRINT NAME AND ADDRESS OF BREEDER: (Breeder is the owner of the dam at the time of breeding to the jack.)  Breeders are responsible for making sure the jack owner signs the breeding certificates, such as the above box or other form.

Place of birth of animal being registered (if known):   City                                                       State

Signature of owner or agent:
Mail with photos and fee to : the American Donkey and Mule Society
PO Box 1210, Lewisville TX 75067 (972) 219-0781 phone. 
Please do not forget to include photos and your payment as well)
This may print onto a second page - please save postage and paper - we only need the above part sent to us - the part BELOW is important information for you!
OR - you may use the NEW ONLINE FORM
You must be a current member of the ADMS in order to register an animal.  (If you are recieving your BRAYER magazine, your dues are current.  If not, please send your membership fee of $23.00 ($30.00 Canada, $45 Overseas) for your membership in addition to the animal's registration fee.
If the Breeder wishes to Register and Transfer to the new owner at the same time, breeder should list themselves as the breeder and the new owner in the owner area.  No additional transfer fee is required.  If the BREEDER wishes to be listed as the first owner and THEN to transfer to a new owner, the additional $5.00 transfer fee will be needed as well, along with a transfer form.  Please read the rules for registrations as well, also posted on this website. 
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Inspection Form
There is no need to send copies of parent papers if the parents are ADMS Registered.  We have these records.  Please save on postage.  Just be sure the name and registration number are written exactly as shown on the papers.

For Horse mares or stallions, please include a copy of their pedigrees.  Most Horse registries charge for pedigree retrieval, therefore we are usually unable to access the mare's pedigree. 

Thank you! 

Due to total volume, turnaround time is currently 8-10 weeks.  NO RUSH registrations are being accepted.  DO NOT delay in sending your paperwork in, as this only slows their total time back to you.

Please make very sure that you fill out the application completely.  Use full names of parents, along with their correct registration numbers, make sure you have indicated gender, date of birth, and fill out the owner and breeder fields with full names and addresses.  Every field left incomplete (unless it is "unknown" is a slow down for the staff to have to stop and do research on material the breeder/owner should have provided for us.   IF THE SELLER DOES NOT DO the paperwork, it is the buyer that suffers.  Please help us to keep things running smoothly and efficiently - read the rules, and fill out all known information on forms.  Thank you!