American Donkey and Mule Society
Registration Section
ADMS maintains five (5) registry books for all sizes and types of longeared equines.

Click on each individual link to go to a new page about that subject. This page includes links to all of the registration Forms, Fees, Rules, and links to the Online Registration Forms.
The Miniature Donkey Registry (Read here for info) 
The American Donkey & Jackstock Registry
(read here for info)
The American Mule  Registry
The American Mule Racing Registry
The Zebra/Hybrid & Bloodstock Registry
Link (external) to Online Registration Form  ADR
BEFORE using the Online Reg forms READ HERE!
Registration Rules
Pg 1
Registration form to Print and Give to others, for NON MDR.
Registration Rules Pg 2 
Fees for All ADMS Services 
Transfer Form (PDF)
(For any size/type of animal)
Inspection Form (generic) for Jacks or Jennets, non MDR. 
Mature Update Form 
(For Any size/type of animal)
Other forms or information you might need in Registering, transferring, or updating your animals:
Stud Report Form
Breeder's Certificate/Info
Notice of Permanent ID
Deceased Animals
Reissues of Lost/Destroyed
Prefix Information
Please pay any fees with check, money order, cash, paypal or credit card.  We can no longer accept bank transfers. 

All online forms are on a secure server, you may enter CC information there.  If you do not wish to do so, you may call the office and speak directly with someone to leave a card number.  

We also accept Paypal, using

Please send all information together at one time.  Using the online form does NOT charge your card.  Cards are charged with regsitration is complete and papers are in the mail to the owners.

There will be an additional fee charged if part of your paperwork is submitted online (photos only) and the forms (transfers, updates) are mailed in.  Please print and mail photos with your paperwork unless other arrangements and additional fees have been pre-approved.  Thank you!
For minis only with BOTH parents already registered as MMD, and having a form of Permanent ID.   
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For minis with only one registered Mini parent, for Standard, large Standard and Mammoth donkeys.
For all miniature/pony, saddle and draft mules, with or without known parentage.
For mules that will be officially racing ONLY. 
For any purebred zebra, zorse, zony, zebrass or zebra hybrid.
Link (External to Online Registration
form (MDR)
Link (external) to Online Registration form AMR
Link (external) to Online Registration form AMRR
Registration form to Print and give to others, MDR only