BEFORE you use the online form for the first time, make sure you have  right and left side-view (full side view) photos of your animal saved on your computer.  Make sure that the files are no larger than 600k each (600 K or less.  Files that are over 600K each cannot be used). IF your files are larger than this, please resize the photos before you begin.  If you do not, the connection will time out trying to attach the large photos and the information will NOT be stored on our formdesk site.   PENDING APPLICATIONS that sit for more than three days with photos larger than 600K each may be deleted by the administrator if we violate upload protocol.  PLEASE RESIZE your photos!

While the formdesk site is a secure service, we cannot access the server other than to maintain our own pass-word protected entries.  If a registration times out, all of the  information is lost and we are unable to retrieve it. 

Photos which are too large account for 99% of all the error messages for the site.

We have contacted Customer Support about the error that is sometimes received after clicking SEND.  As we have been unable to duplicate the problem, the only suggestion they can give is 1) photos are too large and 2) two people are trying to use the form and finalizing simultaneously.

We have reset the controls on the page so that it will save all attempts, whether they are completed or not. This will mean we should have a copy of what your started to fill out.  If you get the error message, please contact Leah by EMAIL (not over the phone, please, as she will have to be in front of the computer to check the listings, and she is not always at the computer!).  She should be able to see how much of the information is still saved, and may be able to process without any further info.  If more info is required, Leah will contact you by email for the missing items.

IF you continue to encounter the error - please start the form and use the SAVE and FINSH LATER option.  That way at least the saved info is sitting at the site, and Leah can retrieve it later.  Hopefully this will be the best way around the error messages. (Just remember we can only save 30 days, though.) 

It will use up more space, but we should be able to maintain the space by clearing out old forms weekly.

REMEMBER if you SAVE an unfinished item, it will be deleted after 30 days to keep the server space free (the same goes for any finished item, they are deleted at least monthly but usually weekly).


Leah Patton, office manager, ADMS    5 Sept 2008


Once you have entered your credit card for the first animal and recieved the confirmation page that the registration is recieved you DO NOT have to continue to re-enter your info.  Please note only "as on first" or "ending 1234" and we will transfer that information from the first registration to apply to all in a batch.  We will process your credit card as a batch (all registrations total) when the registrations are completed and mailed out.

WE DO NOT KEEP YOUR CARD on file unless you have made specific arrangements with us.  Though nothing was touched file-wise during the break-in and burglary at the office (Feb2009) we are reducing any further possible risk.

We will send you a "Thank you" email when the registrations have been printed from our computer here at the office.  ONLY if you do not get this "thank you" message should you need to contact us and make sure they were printed on our end.

In addition to having the individual registrations delivered to our email inbox, we do log into the Formdesk site at least once a week to clean off entries.  If we spot potential problems, we will clean them up at that point.


Leah Patton, office manager, ADMS

Please make sure your photos are ready!

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