Sample Sales Contract

(Please note you should adapt any information to suit your own needs.  Some information necessary for a legal contract in your state may not be contained in this document.  ADMS offers this as
a sample only and takes no responsibility for content or lack thereof). We have included notes in italics on these pages.

NAME OF ANIMAL ____________________________________________________________

Use full name as shown on registration certificate.  Reg # _____________

DOB _________________   Breed  ___________________  Color ___________________
Mature Height _________________ (if different from on registration paper, state height at age ______)

Brands/Tattoos/Microchip ____________________________________________________________________

I (owner) _________________________________________________________am the current legal owner of the animal named above and have the right to offer it for sale.

I transfer ownership of the animal to __________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________  Phone _____________________

as of the date ___________________________ for the sum of______________________________________

Terms of payment will be ___________________________________________________________________________
(these may be cash, trade, paid in full, time payments, lay-a-way)  Be specific as to what your terms are and what you have currently recieved.)


The animal is Mature/Immature and is sold as guaranteed breeding stock.  If animal is not found to be fertile after age 3 (three) as certified by 2 (two) veterinarians, the animal may be returned to seller for exchange/ refund/ partial  refund/ other terms. 
(Be very specific as to any terms regarding fertility and breeding stock, especially in young animals!).


The animal is female and sells Vet-checked in foal  to (jack) _____________________________________ as of  ______________________________
(keep in mind that vet-checked in foal is still not a guarantee of pregnant and producing a live foal).

(Breeding dates _________________________________________________________________________________

Hand bred to (Jack) ______________________________ as of (dates)________________________________

Pasture exposed to (jack) ________________________as of (dates)__________________________________

With foal at side born ____________________________________ Or OPEN __________________________.

In these cases, provide a copy of the breeding certificate to the new owner for the resulting foal, and make sure the jennet is shown on your stud report.


The animal is Mature/immature and is sold "s is".   No guarantee is given as to fertility or use as breeding stock.

The animal has/has not sired or produced any offspring while in the possession of _________________
OR - the animal has never been bred to the best of my knowledge.

OR - the animal is a gelding or has been certified Infertile.    
OR - the animal is female but is not recommended as breeding stock due to possible inherited conformation flaws or defects. 


The animal has current vaccination and health papers.  A Coggins test less than 12 months old is provided (or , will be provided at the expense of Buyer    or    Seller (check one) before sale is complete. )

(Coggins are required for animals sales in the USA, and on animals being exported.  You are advised to research the necessary items and exclusions for shipping animals out of the USA.)

A record of vaccination, hoof trimming  and care is provided.

Shipping from ____________________  to ____________________________ is to be provided by Buyer   / Seller at the cost of __________________________  on __________________________date (or terms).


If the animal is found unsatisfactory in any way, the buyer has a return option at the following terms (lists dates and specifics of price partial or full refund). 

OR  The animal is sold As Is.   (no return policy)

OR the Seller requires a first refusal option on resale of this animal, ie - if the animal is to be resold by the current purchaser, the current seller is to be given first option for purchase.

List any other details which may be required by your state, and attach  current health certificates, and records.

If pre-selling an unweaned donkey, list any terms for the care of said foal until delivery, including terms of payment, pickup dates, shipping, vet expenses. 

Include ORIGINAL registration certificates for the BUYER.  Shipping companies may request copies of certificates but may not retain the originals.  You may turn papers over directly to the registry instead of a buyer if you are in agreement with the buyer on this matter.   

If a mare or jennet, include any copies of breeding certificates required for foal registrations.

Make sure to keep a copy of the sale contract for each party.  Also be sure that each party has the full name, address and phone number of the other party.

You are encouraged to add in anything you think needs to be covered in your contract.  If you decide a complicated contract isn't necessary, then print up a basic contract that says something similar to below:

I  ________________________________ sold the donkey/mule _________________________________

to ________________________________________ on date ___________________________________

No warranties or guarantees are implied.  Once the animal is removed from my property I take no further responsibility.

Keep a copy for yourself and give one to the owner.  If you have sold an animal and there is some dispute, the first thing the ADMS office is going to ask you is "what does your contract say".  If you do not use a written contract, there is not much the registry can do to help you.  In thoses cases, contacting a lawyer may be necessary.

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