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The ONLINE Registration form is to be used for all ew registrations of donkeys or mules of all sizes. Please do NOT print the online form and mail it in! ***************************

VHOF/Versatility Hall of Fame

The ADMS Registry Books
MDR - the Miniature Donkey Registry.  Founded in 1958 by Bea Langfeld.  Now run by ADMS, this registry is exclusively for Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys.  Up until 2009, any donkey under the height of 36" at the withers could be registered as long as it met basic type and conformation.

Since the numbers are now over 54,500, the book closede (became limited) to "untraced" donkeys in Jan 2009.  This means that ONLY donkeys who have both parents already  registered as Miniature Mediterranean donkeys will be placed in MDR. 

If one or both parents are not registered as Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, the donkey will be placed in the "ADR" book.

ADR/ADJR  The American Donkey/Jackstock Registry.  Founded in 1967 by Paul & Betsy Hutchins.  This book was open to donkeys of all sizes for many years.  In the 1990s, Miniatures were put exclusively in the MDR book.  However, a good number are registered in ADR as "Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys" prior to the 1990s.    Their offspring (providing both parents are MMDs) will be eligible for inclusion in the MDR book.  

Have a donkey of any size with no pedigree, but still want to register it?  This is where they go!   Unsure?  Don't worry, we'll place them in the appropriate book.

(Remember, the key is BOTH PARENTS registered as Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys to go in MDR.  Anything else goes in the ADR book.)

AMR The American Mule Registry.  Mules, hinnies, all sizes, all types.  No pedigree?  NO PROBLEM.  However, any known pedigree or parent info is appreciated so it will appear on the mule's papers.  Send a photocopy of the dam's papers if you have them!

AMRR - for Racing mules,the American Mule Racing Registry covers anything (mule or hinny) that's on the track.  Slightly different registration form and rules, ask for applications if you have a mule colt that's destined to go into training for the track.

ZEHBRA - Zebras , Exotic Hybrids/Bloodstock Registry.  For pure-bred zebras, their offspring - whether it is zebra x horse, pony or donkey.


Donkey Under 36" (or expected to mature so) - SIRE is registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, DAM is registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkey  (MDR)
(donkeys up to 38" at maturity will still be allowed with the Oversize rule) Will need a form of permanent ID stated on registry application as of Aug 2010 (grace period for no-id has now expired). 

Donkey Under 36" (or expected to mature so) - One Parent is registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, the other is registered American Mininature, European Miniature, British/English/Irish Miniature, or is unregistered  (ADR)

Donkey with untraced parents, or unregistered parents, under the height of 36" at maturity (ADR)

Miniature donkeys without stud report/breeder report verification or no permanent ID will go in ADR as American Miniature Donkeys.

Larger Donkeys still go in ADR as well.

PLEASE TRY and use the correct forms when registering!  This cuts down on correction and prep time while we are preparing your papers to go through the registration process.  Thank you!

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Includes info on FERTILE MULES, twins, speed of mules/donkeys, etc

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