MULES in DRESSAGE - USA Eq/USEF - Board of Directors Approved Rule Changes!!!  1-18-04 See also Pg 2!
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Thanks to everyone for the huge rush of registrations!  We were so glad to see the gelding incentive was again a success. 
We are running about 7-8 weeks on turnaround due to the postal problem and SHEER VOLUME.  This means 7-8  weeks from the time it arrives at OUR office, not necessarily from when you mailed it.    Most of the registrations we get are for Miniature Donkeys (new registrations, transfers and updates) so they may take a little longer.

If you have not recieved something sent in
before August  or prior, please first make sure your check has cleared the bank, If not, there is a possibility we did not recieve it.  Please call us if you have questions.  Also, please keep in mind that we send papers directly to the new owners (not back to the sender necessarily) unless you specifically request with each batch to have them returned to you.  Also, please see the "Alert Box" note, below in the Red square.

NAMES and NAMING - we understand there is a discussion about the use of prefixes and names on the internet.  If you have input you can share with us, we appreciate it.  We are NOT subscribed to any of the Lists or Chats. 

The policy for prefixes is this:  the animal must have a prefix.  The prefix must be that of either the breeder, or the person who is the current owner of the animal (The person in the OWNER field on the papers).  One or the other.  If a breeder does not register an animal, but sends it to a new home with only an application, the new OWNER has the right to use their own prefix, not the breeders,  if they wish.  Please see the Rules page for clarification on names, prefixes, and 3rd party prefixes.  .
Please do not hesitate to ask us here at the registry if you have questions.  We would rather make sure the correct information is circulated rather than have confusion and hard feelings amount breeders and owners. 

We have posted a new
registration form in the hopes it is easier to read than the original we had posted.

Thanks!  The Reg. Staff.
Paul & Betsy are very much enjoying their retirement.  Never fear, they are in constant contact with the office, but are no longer involved in the daily running of the office.  Some people have called them at their home if they did not get an answer at the ADMS office, and they respectfully request that unless it is personal business for them, please leave a message at the ADMS phone or try again. They do not have access to the registration or membership information in the computers and will not be able to reference materials for you.  Due to many problems we had with Call Waiting (we have only one phone line) we have cancelled it.  If you get a busy signal, we are on the phone with other members, so please try to call back.  We have a brand-new answering machine, so it should pick up if we are not here. 


Virginia Cheers For Ears - National Show Awarded for 2004
The Hee Haw Book Service, working with the ADMS, now carries the current line of BREYER model horses, which include a model of Maynard's Miss Sheba, champion Saddle Mule, the Brighty Donkey, Damaraland Zebra, and companion Miniature Donkey. 
Very important postal notice for Oct/Nov/December - if you have sent us anything by mail in these months, please read this page!!!!!! Updated 2-24-04  Click Here!
Yes, we have a new domain name!  We were getting over the limit for data transfer to the site and had to upgrade.  This is a good thing, since it means we are getting a lot of visitors.  We appreciate you stopping by our site! (You may use either the new or if you already have a link, you can leave your old link to intact, it will still work.)  BUT - If you have a link on your own site to the old "fortunecity" site PLEASE, PLEASE  update to the new site address!!!  Also, if you have forms, etc, that show the old Denton address (WAS - 2901 N. Elm St, Denton TX 26201 old phone was 817 or 940-382-6845 - long disconnected!!! ) PLEASE update the new address! Mail sent to the Denton, TX address will be returned to the sender as our forwarding order expired many months ago! 
CURRENT ADDRESS - ADMS - PO Box 1210, Lewisville TX 75067.  Current Phone 972-219-0781. THANK YOU!!!

For those of you familiar with the information on the site, but just needing access to the registration forms, we are posting then separately at (in hopefully easier-to-print format) over the Holidays.  Some are up now, the rest will be upas soon as possible   Again, Thanks!!!

On the home front, Paul and Betsy have decided to reture from the every-day workings of ADMS after 35 years.  Paul is still President, and Betsy still Executive Secretary, and they still have contact with the office.  But they won't be working in the office, or handling the calls.  Our current staff will strive to maintain the same high goals ADMS has upheld for the past 35 years.  We welcome all questions and comments.
If you are looking for Miniature Donkeys, Standards, Mammoths, Guard Donkeys, spotted, Gaited, Mules, etc, please see the breeders Links first.  Also, (Maintained by Robinson ranch) has a larger list of breeders, or you may contact ADMS and we will print and MAIL you a list of breeders by State and type of donkey (such as if you want spotted Miniature Donkeys for the state of Virginia). 
Your articles for the BRAYER magazine always greatly appreciated!  The BRAYER is the journal of the ADMS - your newsletter - and the original All-Breed magazine!  Whether you are training your Miniature Donkey to drive or do tricks, your saddle donkey to jump, or had an interesting session at the vet with your mule, we'd love to see it.  If you have something that will help others readers and are willing to share, please contact the ADMS office. Articles may be sent by email or mailed!  Thank you!!!
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ADMS and Hee Haw Book service EACH now take Credit cards! We will accept your card payment over the phone!  We will be working towards a secure online form for use on the internet at a future date!  (Visa, MC, AmEx accepted!)     Please have your actual card in hand when you call as there are verification numbers we'll need!        2-4-04
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RUSH FEES and RUSH Registrations:

Due to some abuse of the rush policy, we have had to make some changes.  You must call in advance and let us know a RUSH is being sent.  The rush fee is $10 per animal being rushed (in addition to regular fees) , no exceptions.  You must make sure you have all of the required information - application, fees, photos and YOUR PHONE NUMBER in the packet.  If we cannot contact you and your paperwork is not complete it will either be processed in the regular time frame or put in the hold file while we contact you by mail. 
ONLY the animals tagged and paid for as RUSH registrations will be processed as such. If there is one rush and nine regular registrations in a batch, we will ONLY rush the single registration, and process the rest in the normal manner.

You MUST write the word RUSH on the outside of the envelope.

We still need at least two full days from the time the rush arrives here until it leaves here for processing.  If you want it back any faster than normal Priority mail, you must include fees for that service - Fed Ex is $18.00, and Express US Mail is $13.00

Please try to process animals as you purchase them or as they are born.  Each RUSH registration we recieve sets all other registrations back just a fraction, and with over 300 total incoming each week, things can snowball on us!!!