All ADMS Registrations require PHOTOS to be sent in with initial applications.  This is REGARDLESS of the age of the animal.  Whether they are two hours, two days, two months, two years, or twenty years old when they are registered, you must send photos.

One left side photo and one right side photo are required.  These are full side views.  Crouch down  with the smaller animals so you are not standing over them and shooting down on them.  Remember that this photo is going on their permanent record, so make them flattering.

YOUR PAPERS are a Title of Ownership.  When the paperwork is complete at ADMS we send you the registration certificate. You should keep this in a safe place, so you will be able to pass them along to new owners if/when the animal is sold.  You may ALWAYS send in new photos for the ADMS files, and if you'd like a better photo put on when you are transferring an animal. 

UPDATING an animal requires new, current photos, height, and the original certificate sent back to ADMS.  If you send no photos, your certificate will be incomplete.

Certificates are NOT VALID without a photo on the back.  We tape it securely to the certificate.  You may not remove it unless instructed to do so (and then only if you are replacing it immediately) by a staff member at ADMS.

Please do not ask us to "use this photo on cert" when sending in your photos.  By default we use the left-facing photo.  We do not pick-and-choose the best photo for the certificate.

The animal should be about 2 x3" in the frame.  Any larger and it will cover part of the pedigree.  Any smaller, it is useless for ID, as markings cannot be seen.

Please remember Caitlin's Rule of Paw.  If Caitlin the Office Cat can cover up your animal in the photo with her paw, your photo it too small to use. 

This is an acceptable right-side view photo for registration.  The animal is standing squared to the camera, and is visible against the background.
This is an acceptable photo of the mule foal.  Though it is a little difficult to see, and the background is cluttered, it is a good side-view of the animal.  The color can be clearly seen.   Please leave photos like this and do not try and cut out around the animal.

This is a better view with less clutter.  The animal is again the correct size in the fram.  Walking photos are accepted, though of course good halter-posed/standing  ones are better.

MAKE SURE ALL OF THE ANIMAL is included in the photo - this includes body, legs, head, tail and ears.  ADMS receives countless photos with parts of the animal missing - most often feet head and ears.  This is not an acceptable photo, as the animal being registered (arrow) is blocked by another mule.  

This photo would only be useful to ADMS if it were needed for color comparison. 
3 x 5 photo, the animal is correct in the frame
Acceptable left-side view of mule.  

Acceptable right-side view of mule

Poor left-side view of mule.  Animal is not square to camera, background is cluttered.  Since the left-side photo goes on your certificate, this is what would be on your animal's permanent record.
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This is Caitlin's paw on an actual photo.  Her paw is about four times life size in this photo.  The donkey to be registered was the foal, not the mother donkey.  This photo is too small to be of use as ID for the animal.

A good note is the donkey should be about the size of a credit card in the photo.